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Audit Analytics is an independent research provider focused on public company accounting and governance. Our platform, written reports, and data feeds are used by investment banks, portfolio managers, and equity analysts. Audit Analytics specializes in demonstrating red flag issues or distresses to a company’s performance derived from data such as: audits, governance, compliance, controls, corporate actions and federal litigation.

We provide detailed research and taxonomies on over 15,000 public companies filing with the SEC, SEDAR, and EU Indices. The Audit Analytics data can be used as unique red flag identifiers for financial and accounting-related variables for risk modelling, portfolio screening, investment models and idea generation. Certain data sets can be used for testing models that seek to predict a negative outcome or accounting failure. We offer over 35 unique data feeds for quant funds with coverage from the year 2000, which includes point-in-time and FTP access.

For your fundamentals research, our due diligences profiles provide a comprehensive view of the quality of financial reporting that will significantly enhance research. The Audit Analytics online searches enable the screening of an entire portfolio for issues related to the audit, financial reports, controls and governance.
Our innovative methodologies include detailed categorizations of issues and is considered by many professionals to be the best primary data source for tracking and analysis of public disclosures related to audit, governance, compliance, controls, corporate actions and federal litigation.

United States of America

Data Offering

Bankruptcy DataCompany DataFirmographic DataStock Market Data


  • Data Feeds: Our pricing is based package product pricing (USD)
    -5 data feeds for 95,000.
    -10 data feeds at $120,000.
    -20 data feeds at $200,000.
    -We also offer individual data pricing. Please contact us for your data feed needs.

  • Our online platform starts at $16,000 for 1-3 users

Use Cases

Hedge Fund

Geo Coverage

Europe (13)
United Kingdom
North America (2)
United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) via EDGAR
  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”)
  • The Administrative Office of the United States Courts (“AO”) via PACER
  • Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”) via SEDAR
  • EU Indices
  • Annual Reports (distributed to shareholders)

Key Differentiators

  • We have historical data going back as far as 2000
  • Audit Analytics has over 40 analysts who aggregate, analyze and normalize data
  • Our data does not present bias, we are data agnostic
  • Regulatory bodies such as the SEC, SEDAR and FRC rely on our data
  • Our data has 99% accuracy

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