Brain Company Competitors & Alternatives

Looking for the best Stock Market Data provider for your business? Better play the field. Discover data-driven solutions for Alpha Generation, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Financial Services. Find reviews for Brain Company left by Datarade users, and compare Brain Company’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. Exchange Data International, African Markets, China Knowledge, and S&P Global Market Intelligence are the top competitors and alternatives to Brain Company.

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to Brain Company

China Knowledge

Based in Singapore

Founded in 1999 originally as a publisher and research firm covering China’s economy, industries and financial markets; over the decades we have evolved, and developed proprietary analytics, ratin...

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Based in United Kingdom

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, we know that not all information is important—some of it is vital. We integrate financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performa...

Danel Capital

Based in Spain

We offer a daily global AI score from 1 to 10 for each company based on the probability of outperforming the market in 30 days. We use Machine Learning and Big Data to provide these scores. We use ...


Based in Luxembourg

Our API feeds packages of 100% accurate, system-ready, and up-to-date datasets and analytics (e.g. fund, market, index, ESG and smart) for ETFs/ETPs/ETCs and any other product traded on global exch...

FirstRate Data

Based in USA

FirstRate Data LLC is a Delaware-registered corporation based in Chicago. We are focused on providing traders and analysts with high-resolution historical datasets for modeling and backtesting. ...


Based in Japan

QUICK has become Japan's largest financial information vendor, and has developed an information infrastructure that supports Japan’s securities and financial markets. It delivers high-value global ...


Based in USA

Researchers, business analysts, data science teams, and developers use Accern to build and deploy finance specific AI use cases powered by adaptive NLP. Allianz, IBM, and Jefferies are utilizing Ac...


Based in United Kingdom

The unique IndexMath algorithm, developed and refined since 2014, is successfully predicting trends in the UK stock market. Our pioneering, unique and invaluable insight can enhance your investment...

Frequently asked questions about Brain Company’s alternatives & competitors

What’s the competitive advantage of Brain Company?

Brain has developed a scientific and rigorous approach based on our years of research and our experience implementing statistical models in state-of-the-art software. Brain approach try to be as rigorous as possible in our models, which is especially important in extracting information from financial time-series data, where the signal to noise ratio is very low and overfitting risk is very relevant in validating meaningful signals.

What are the best alternatives to Brain Company?

Exchange Data International, African Markets, China Knowledge, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Danel Capital, Goldbaum, FirstRate Data, QUICK, Accern, and IndexMath