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Intexfy is a B2B data enrichment platform that automates the collection of information for lead qualification.


Data Offering

Company DataB2B Contact DataMap DataFirmographic DataTechnographic DataB2B Leads Data


All info about our plans can be reached contacting our sales staff (website form).

Use Cases

Customers need to have qualified leads to increase their sales. More qualified leads, less hassle with leads with few information and wrong data.

Geo Coverage

South America (1)

Data Sources & Collection

39 Million Company’s public records (CNPJ)
More than 2.5 million crawled websites

Key Differentiators

Faster sales
Lists of qualified leads to shorten the sales cycle.

CAC reduction
Leads displayed based on your criteria reduce the Cost of Acquisition.

Automatic activities
Complete lead data, automatically gathered by algorithms.

More goals achieved
Personalized approaches and communication deliver better results.


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