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Looking for the best Alternative Data provider for your business? Better play the field. Discover data-driven solutions for Advertising, Algorithmic Trading, and Alternative Investment. Find reviews for LobbyingData.com left by Datarade users, and compare LobbyingData.com’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. InfoTrie, Coresignal, StockPulse, and Alqami are the top competitors and alternatives to LobbyingData.com.

Top Alternatives to LobbyingData.com

Top Competitors & Alternatives to LobbyingData.com

We are a Big Data, Financial Engineering and News Analytics company headquartered in Singapore and offices in India and Europe. Our cutting edge algorithms transform unstructured data into actionab...
With our offering of 569M professional profiles and 91M company records businesses are guaranteed to find the data to achieve their goals. Furthermore, what sets Coresignal apart from its competiti...
Stockpulse is the data analytics expert specializing in Emotional Data Intelligence from Social Media. We improve data-driven, quantitative decision-making for a broad range of clients in financial...
United Kingdom
Alqami is a data intermediary, collaborating with a global partner network matching alternative data providers with data users. We specialise in sourcing large, esoteric, data sets and finding ...
Hoeg & Company
Efficiency and Quality Ratings measure of how well a bank uses its resources to achieve profitable results and build a quality business portfolio. The evaluation is based on Efficient Frontier Anal...
Zirra is a data provider offering Firmographic Data, Technographic Data, Research Data, News Data, and 4 others. They are headquartered in Israel.
BCMStrategy Inc.
We stand for transparency about the policy process. Our award-winning, backtested, patented technology measures momentum and volatility in the policy process, making it easier for you to spot the s...
In a world of information overload, Yewno uses artificial intelligence to create knowledge from structured and unstructured data, linking and mapping concepts for levels of never-before insight. Th...
AlphaSense is a data provider offering Stock Market Data, Research Data, Alternative Data, and Private Company Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.

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What’s the competitive advantage of LobbyingData.com?

We created LobbyingData.com to address the need for more transparent and accessible information into the world of lobbying. Many people know that companies like Google, Pfizer, and Lockheed are lobbying the federal government, but few know the extent to what is happening. How much are they spending on it? Which agencies are they targeting? and most importantly, what bills are they lobbying on, and why? We answer all of these questions by transforming difficult to understand government information into easy-to-understand and actionable datasets and information. As an example we’ll use the recent CHIPS Act that was passed by Congress. We tracked every company lobbying on the bill in real-time, allowing our users to quickly identify potential opportunities with firms that supported the bill, such as which one could receive an advanced manufacturing tax credit, and who sought to secure chips act funding. When the CHIPS Act hit Congress, we saw research firms publishing reports on the potential impact of the legislation on the semiconductor industry. With lobbying data, you could tie this back to the individual company level. And recently, a new lobbying ETF was launched, built off the notion that political capital is an overlooked intangible asset that could produce excess stock returns. To summarize, our data makes it easy to see, both on a real-time and 24 year historical basis: Every entity that has ever lobbied the federal government. The dollar amount they spend on it The names and prior government experience of the exact lobbyists they hired And most importantly, why: the exact bills and specific issues lobbied on. We’ve mapped out every entity involved in lobbying across time, from 1999 to present, and to their ticker symbols so you can easily gain insight from money in politics, whether its another variable in your research, a new input for your models, or another layer in your due diligence. LobbyingData.com provides exclusive access to alternative data on American lobbying, by turning government information into user-friendly, adaptable datasets. With over 1.6 million lobbying contracts, 13,000 lobbying firms, 109,000 clients, and 78,000 lobbyists in our database, it’s the most comprehensive source of lobbying information available.

What are the best alternatives to LobbyingData.com?

InfoTrie, Coresignal, StockPulse, Alqami, Hoeg & Company, Zirra, BCMStrategy Inc., Yewno, AlphaSense, and Baromitr