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Nordic Data Resources (NDR) is based on a clear vision of data transparency and user privacy. Established in 2015, today we are among the leading providers of privacy safe targeting. We work with official census data on neighborhoods and consumer classifications - i.e. without collecting or storing private data.

  • In 2020 we launch ID-Free Targeting
  • In 2019 we offer more than 500 audiences in the Nordics

All platforms - All channels - All devices
Nordic Data Resources provides safe, reliable and scalable targeting opportunities throughout the marketing funnel and across all relevant devices and channels. The data are accessible on all major DSP platforms including Adform.

Our targeting data is currently used by more than 80 different media agencies across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

ID-Free Omnichannel
We do not deal with individuals or individual data. In a modern world lifestyle, neighborhood is a much stronger link to consumption preferences than age or gender. In building audiences for your privacy safe targeting, we allow for you to:

  • Use your/your client’s own 1. party data
  • Use our Audience Builder tool to combine consumer classifications with geo-tagged neighborhoods

The same audience designed by you can be used across all your marketing channels: DV360 - Display - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram - Outdoor - Addressable TV - Adform & other DSPs.

Pricing Information provided by Nordic Data Resources

1 year usage of audience on given advertiser on all social media platforms: EUR 2.900
pr advertiser campaign.

Please give us a call to discuss custom audience combinations, platforms and prices.

Covered Geographies

Europe (8)
Åland Islands
Faroe Islands
Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Key Differentiators


  • Custom made for you!
  • Works across all channels
  • Works in all browsers and devises
  • No IDs or cookies
  • No user data collected or stored
  • No creepy online tracking


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