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Nordic Data Resources is a leading provider of consumer data in the Nordics.

Utilizing massive public, proletarian offline data and sophisticated geo-targeting Nordic Data Resources exclusively offer targeting based on Mosaic, the world-leading consumer classification. Our data also include actual purchase data – like car ownership.

This enable Nordic Data Resources to offer more than 500 audiences in the Nordics.

All devices and channels
Nordic Data Resources provide safe, reliable and scalable targeting opportunities throughout the marketing funnel and across all relevant devices and channels. The data are accessible on all major DSP platforms including Adform.

The targeting data is used by six global agency groups and 85 different media agencies across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Full reach
Our data set offer full reach, online audiences based on ground data matched with cookies, programmatically provided for effective use through the marketing funnel.

We connect advertisers online marketing activities with CRM databases and make it available for multi channel distribution at reasonable price to capture and maximize unrealized audience value.


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Key Differentiators


  • Custom made for you!
  • Works across all channels
  • Works in all browsers and devises
  • No IDs or cookies
  • No user data collected or stored
  • No creepy online tracking


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