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Towergate Informatics is your data-as-a-service gateway to a wide range of reports and data feeds, relative to IP matters and beyond.

We provide a variety of IP surveillance (watch) reports, customized data feeds and visualization options.

We also create processes for data extraction to meet your specific needs, for all types of data that can be difficult to access. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.


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Key Differentiators

We build customized data extraction processes to meet customer requirements. Difficult-to-extract data is in our wheelhouse. We create efficient methodologies to build datasets that are used to monitor key metrics and bring clarity to business processes.


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Use Cases

  • We aggregate air carrier passenger-load data across multiple route-networks to provide real-time insight for airline analysts.
  • We monitor patent and trademark filings for companies or firms.
  • We aggregate all weekly USPTO trademark refusal data to create specific watch reports for companies and firms to help protect against potential infringement.
  • We compile trademark application refusal data to assist law firms identify potential new clientele and to create efficient practice development processes.
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