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Founded in 1996, VietnamCredit is Vietnam’s premiere credit checking service company with nearly 100 employees and two offices in Hanoi and HCM City. We specialize in providing business information as well as assisting enterprises in managing risk and stimulating business activities. Our guiding, operating principle is to provide professional services with diligence, honesty and objectivity.

Our main products are Company Reports, Industry Reports, M&A Supporting Services and Debt Collection Services.
The Company Report provides you with the most up-to-date information concerning your suppliers, partners and customers. This comprehensive report provides clear information enabling you to avoid potential fraud and leverage a stronger negotiating position.
Industry Reports, are in-depth studies of more than 30 economic sectors operating in Vietnam. They are conducted by our in-house analysts and experts. Each sectors strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges are systematically analyzed and given a VCIndex rating – an exclusive VietnamCredit calculation which was first launched in 2009.
M&A Supporting Services include Corporate Assets Structure and Due-diligence reports:
Updated quarterly, the Country Report, which is based on the data collected by VietnamCredit, reflects the current economic, social and legal framework conditions within Vietnam.
Our Due Diligence Report provides special, thorough checks on all aspects of a company for Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activities. This report carefully considers all aspects of a company such as commerce, finance and legality.
Prepared by VietnamCredit’s experts and lawyers, the Corporate Assets Structure Report includes, but is not limited to, the following: a company’s identification, its ownership structure, a list of company assets, and the principal shareholders. It also provides a list of company assets that are currently collateralized, the maturity date, and/or other outstanding debt instruments. In addition, the report provides valuable insight thereby enabling accurate consultation and recommendations for our customers, thus reducing their exposure to adverse risks.

Finally, it advises clients on the legal processes in Vietnam, in particular the freezing of corporate or individual assets for the purpose of recovering or settling debts.
In addition, VietnamCredit also helps you ease the onerous burden of Debt Collection. We resolve business debt by getting the people who own the money to pay what they have to pay and at the same time help you retain positive business relationships with your debtors.
Thanks to our experienced workforce with dozens of experts, a nationwide network of collaborators and, most importantly, confidential connections, VietnamCredit proudly provide the finest products sure to meet any client’s needs.

Head office
Address: 15th Floor, Licogi 13 Building,
No. 164 Khuat Duy Tien Street,
Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan District,
Hanoi City, Viet Nam.
Tel: (84-24) 62620082 Fax: (84-24) 62620083
Email: [email protected]

Hochiminh City Office
Address: 8th Floor, Master Building,
No. 41-43, Tran Cao Van Str, Dist 3,
HCM City, Viet Nam
Tel: (84-28) 3521 0453
Email: [email protected]

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Key Differentiators

Owning a dataset of information on** more than 1.2 million businesses operating in Vietnam, we can provide a wide range of products that can assist clients in risk management and making the right business decisions. Our products include: Company Reports, Industry Reports, Due Diligence Reports, Debt Collection Services, and Sales & Marketing Solutions.
**Our Achievements

With an excellent and experienced staff, since our establishment, we have created:

  • 600000 company reports

  • 2500 individual reports

  • 700 industry reports

  • 8500 international reports

The above figures make us feel very proud. We have helped many Vietnamese and foreign businesses save millions of dollars in risk costs.

Our Customers
Our products are well-received by customers, not only domestically but internationally, in all industries, including credit insurers, manufacturers, distributors, investment fund managers, bankers, auditors, lawyers and others.

Customers like Vietcombank, one of the biggest banks in Vietnam, Mitshubishi Electric, Samsung, Sumimoto, Deloitte, Ourhome … have trusted and used our services continuously for over 10 years.

We can proudly say that we have contributed significantly to business activities in Vietnam and around the world by helping domestic and foreign businesses gain an insight about their partners, which supports the promotion of investment as well as international cooperation.

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Our Products And Services
​From the time when hard-copy reports were the only solution to when the Internet exploded, from when Vietnam was a closed society to today’s integration, we have put a lot of effort to improve our products and services to best meet all customers’ requirements. Owning a dataset of information on more than 1.2 million businesses operating in Vietnam, we can provide a wide range of products that can assist clients in risk management and making the right business decisions. Our products include: Company Reports, Industry Reports, Due Diligence Reports, Debt Collection Services, and Sales & Marketing Solutions.

Company Reports
Company reports from VietnamCredit are the ideal instruments, which equip you with the critical knowledge you need. Information on import-export activities, potential risks, financial health, payment history, litigation, etc. of every single company operating in Vietnam and other countries across the globe are stored in our database. Information in the reports is amassed from both our existing data and direct investigation. You need to have a thorough understanding of your business partners’ financial condition. Once you are equipped with this report, you will be able to seize the dominant negotiating position. You will mitigate possible risks, and gain many other benefits. You cannot afford to miss out on all of the advantages VietnamCredit company reports bring to you.

Industry Reports
This product contains data analysis of the current situation as well as future forecasts of every economic sector in Vietnam. With the aid of Industry Report by VietnamCredit, investors will be granted with insight into an economic sector, which offers maximum support in business decision making. On top of that, risk-takers will save a lot of time and cost, and easily access to analyst’s wise opinion.

Due Diligence Reports
Approximately 65 out of 100 M&A deals, especially those with foreign partners, may fall through, which is caused by the inconsistency in the valuation of the company, or careless and inaccurate assessment.

Due Diligence Report is detailed investigation of a business or an individual before a transaction takes place, or a cooperation is offered with the aim of mitigating risks. The report provides the most accurate data on the performance and efficiency of the business, so that the buyer can determine the value of the business, identify potential risks and problems. Due diligence, therefore, is considered a very important activity, deciding the success of a business.

We offer three types of Due Diligence Report, including Commercial Due Diligence (CDD), Financial Due Diligence (FDD), and Legal Due Diligence (LDD).

Debt Collection Services
Once we are authorized, we will be in close touch with your debtors via different communication channels including negotiation, legal proceedings, etc. With over 20 years of experience in business information, our collection process is compelled by data. Thus, your debtors will be demanded for payment via the method of their choice, which results in effective collection.

Sales & Marketing Solutions
Based on the huge database of more than 1.2 million businesses in Vietnam, VietnamCredit can provide you with Sales and Marketing Data product which assists you in expanding your potential customer contact lists and closing your deals quickly. With Sales and Marketing Data of VietnamCredit, you can target customers through Location, Industry type (VSIC or ISIC), Company size, Number of employees, and so on.

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