Who's New on Datarade? September Edition

October 06, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data commerce platform built for data providers. We’re constantly adding new data providers so that you can sample, compare and buy the right data, whatever your industry or use case. Our growing network of data providers is international and covers hundreds of different data categories.

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The Who's New on Datarade? September Edition

Xavvy provides POI Data of gas stations at a high quality level for all European countries. Next to base information like name/brand, address, geo-coordinates or opening hours, there is also detailed information about available fuel types, accessibility, special services, or payment options for each station. Data is delivered country by country.

Wersel Brand Analytics is a platform that helps brands to harvest, aggregate, analyse, and create actionable insights on large volumes of publicly available and Enterprise data, turning the data into a system of searchable and actionable information that’s ready to drive online performance to the next level.

Wall Street Horizon provides institutional traders and investors with the most accurate, comprehensive corporate event data including earnings calendars, dividend dates, option expiration dates, splits, investor conferences and more. Covering more than 7,000 companies worldwide, they offer more than 40 event types via a range of delivery options.

Techsalerator is a global B2B and B2C data provider based out of South Florida that covers 219 countries of B2B data with deep firmographic , POI’s and contact coverages that can be used for market researches, trend predictions, marketing campaigns, Outbound sales effort, and identity graphs creations.

Stamdata provides reference data on more than 45,000 Nordic fixed income securities daily from an extensive database of bond loan agreements on active and matured bonds, providing their customers with the most complete database available in the Nordic market through multiple delivery and accessibility options.

Speedeon Data is an industry leader in the area of life event focused data and marketing. Covering over 217 million individuals and 118 million households, it allows brands to custom analytics, modeling and activation across channels.

Soleadify provides business data enrichment with unprecedented coverage of SMBs, accurate classification and in-depth insights based on real-time updates that has yet to be beaten in terms of accuracy and classification by industry mammoths,

SalesboxAI is an ABX platform for B2B Marketers to orchestrate Account based experiences to Accelerate Sales. Its assistant feature can be deployed to operationalize intent, discover buying group members and get conversations going with the right people from the right Accounts at the right time.

Reklaim is the only company that is allowing consumers to put data under their control and be compensated for it. This formula of including the consumer in the transaction of how their data is used makes Reklaim data the most complaint data in the ecosystem.

RegAlytics provide accurate, clean, vetted, daily regulatory data from regulators that is enriched by experts and delivered in the most flexible format available, saving teams from sifting through complex and confusing regulatory announcements, saving time and cutting costs.

Rabbu provides free hotel & short-term rental data and data analysis, enabling property investors to achieve higher yields through shorter stays.

QuoteMedia, Inc. offers comprehensive financial market data and research solutions for online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, public corporations, media portals and financial services companies in real time from financial markets around the world.

Through its wide range of data types, peekd allows businesses to understand consumer behaviour in the whole digital marketing funnel, discover industry trends and measure the performance of products, brands & verticals.

Open People Search is a data provider offering Address Data, Consumer Identity Data, Email Address Data, Phone Number Data, and Public Sector Data headquartered in the United States of America.

Metric Central is a leading business-to-business data supplier and business software development company working alongside businesses, government departments, educational institutions and medical specialists to ensure data accuracy and return of investment (ROI).

MapmyIndia is India’s leader in premium quality digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, tracking, location apps and GIS solutions.

Leads XL is the leading provider in detailed B2B contact data offering detailed information on over 26 Million professionals from 15+ Million Businesses in the United States. As the only company to triple-verify it’s database of 15 million businesses at a 95% email accuracy guaranteed, it provides customers with the most accurate business database in the industry.

KASPR Datahaus PTY LTD is a Melbourne based alternative data company with the ability to scan and collect Internet activity and quality data in real time at unprecedented levels of spatial and temporal granularity for every locality in the world.

InQuartik excels any other data providers in the patent world through artificial intelligence (AI) and quality data. They combine AI algorithms and big data analytics with quality patent and non-patent databases to integrate millions of data into insightful patent solutions.

Impact Cubed provides ESG data and portfolio analytics for building more sustainable portfolios with greater impact. It combines an award-winning approach to integrating impact into risk and return with technology-enhanced portfolio analytics across all asset classes.

5000+ companies including Target, Groupon, GE, Kearney and BCG use Grepsr to assimilate and monitor publicly available data for sales and business development, price monitoring, market and competitive research, investment opportunities, content aggregation, and other pieces of vital information for their business.

Geodatindustry is specialized in engineering and commercializing customized databases in international commercial and industrial sectors, with their products used as decision making and marketing material by thousands of costumers all around the world.

Whether the customer is interested in raw data or AI-processed data, Data—Core builds custom social media monitoring solutions to handle any specific requirements.

Data Axle is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations.

Cbonds is one of leading financial news agencies and data vendors, operating in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Its key business lines include developing and maintenance of financial information websites, holding financial conferences, round tables and shows, and publishing activity.

Catsai has created the worlds 1st AI Demand Predictions as-a-service, providing predictions of hyper-local level buyer-intent and demand in the near term.

Augur Labs is a data provider offering Core Financial Data, Economic Data, Fixed Income Data, Fixed Income Pricing Data, and Interest Rate Data headquartered in United States of America.

African Financial & Economic Data (AFED) provides detailed economic and financial intelligence on all 54 African economies to all interested parties to make good political, financial, strategic and investment decisions.