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Find the best data sources for Installed-base Intelligence. Compare data samples from the top data providers and buy the right dataset with confidence.
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Your marketing team can refine your ideal customer profile, increase engagement, and generate more qualified leads through Ad Campaigns and outbound email ma...
1M records
100% validated
115 countries covered
We upgrade the database with technology stack data within your target audience. These insights help in understanding currently used technologies in various d...
249 countries covered
Create lists of websites that use certain technologies and drive more targeted B2B sales.
175 countries covered
Span Global Services’ seasoned opt-in technology database is set apart by its 100% authentic, manually-verified and hyper-customized tech installs.
9K Technologies
24 countries covered
4 years of historical data
Highly qualified accounts and decision makers using technology intelligence and intent. Geo US, APAC, ME All Industries Except Non Charity, Universities...
240 countries covered
Analyze website technology stacks in real-time, instantly reveal the technology stack and contact details of any website. - Span Global Services profile banner
Span Global Services
Based in Singapore
Span Global Services
Span Global Services has incubated ground-breaking data solutioning, IT-integration and data-driven marketing *processes for some of the top Technology firms... - OceanFrogs profile banner
Based in USA
OceanFrogs is sales/marketing intel platform. We offer technology intel & spend, qualified accounts, intent data, company intel, contact intel. We can tailor...
Secondary Research Data
Tech Intel
Technology use intel
LinkedIn Ids & Email Addresses - HG Insights profile banner
HG Insights
Based in USA
HG Insights
We offer the most comprehensive technographics in the industry, indexing billions of unstructured documents daily to produce a detailed and empirical census ... - Wappalyzer profile banner
Based in Australia
Sell and market more effectively with technographic insights. We track over a thousand technologies accross websites of millions of companies to help you to ...
Technologies tracked
Websites tracked - Infotanks Media profile banner
Infotanks Media
Based in USA
Infotanks Media
We are a data-driven digital marketing company curating high-quality databases for successful sales and marketing campaigns.
Higher ROI
Data Accuracy
Email Deliverability - Krill Technologies profile banner
Krill Technologies
Based in USA
Krill Technologies
Founded with a goal to use the right mix of human expertise and technology & leverage this mantra to deliver better ROI & substantial results to marketers. A...
6 Million
23 Million