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Data-driven property valuation uses information from the real estate market to calculate competitive prices for properties. Realtors and investors use real estate data e.g. to identify underpriced properties before their competition.
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Fire API
by Ambee
249 countries covered
Inform your customers with our proprietary real-time fire data to avoid active fire disasters, loss and injuries
95% 95% of active listings (as of 2020) are covered
51 countries covered
2 years of historical data
Airbnb Data in Japan. You can only select one or a few cities as well. (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) Historical Occupancy rates since 2018, ADR in 2020, guest demogr...
200K records
51 countries covered
2 years of historical data
Airbnb Data in California. If you prefer, you can only select to purchase one or a few cities as well. (Manchester, Cornwall etc) Historical Occupancy rates ...
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Based in United Kingdom
We use a rigorous scientific approach to collect and process the data and validate them on a scale using qualitative research and AI.
6 Million
Airbnb Data
Countries Covered
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Based in USA
CoworkIntel provides premium worldwide market intelligence on flexible workspaces including pricing and occupancy. Our data can be used for benchmarking, ... - Ambee profile banner
Based in India
We are at the front line of the techno-environmental revolution. Working towards a clean, healthy world. Our technology and knowledge can help governments...
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