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Risk Finance
by Risklio
28M News
3 countries covered
15 years of history data
Risk.finance is an interactive investing information platform. It combines smart data with innovative digital tools to uncover event risk and reward. Use ris...
Global Flow Analytics
by Exante Data
GFA is a comprehensive data and analytics platform, extracting price signals from detailed capital flow analysis, thereby supporting alpha generation and ris...
100K records
100% market quotes
55 countries covered
Credit spread is the credit funding cost for a firm. For many products, credit spread is the major risk driver. Credit spread impacts discounting, default pr...
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Exante Data
Based in USA
Exante Data delivers proprietary data and innovative analytical solutions to professional investors globally. The goal of Exante Data is to build a bridge ...
Based in Spain
RavenPack is the leading big data analytics provider for financial services. Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analyzin...
Audit Analytics
Based in USA
Audit Analytics is an independent research provider focused on public company accounting and governance. Our platform, written reports, and data feeds are u...
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