Stock Valuation

Stock valuation refers to a process of finding the intrinsic value of shares for a company. Investors and financial institutions have data-driven models that use forms of company, market and alternative data sources to evaluate the future and current prices for company stocks.
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This dataset contains 30 years of quarterly historical financial data for over 5500 US-listed companies.
Historical Global End-of-Day Pricing Data
by Exchange Data International
Exchange Data International
126 countries covered
13 years of historical data
Historical pricing information for listed securities on exchanges worldwide. Comprehensive coverage of equities, bonds, derivatives, indices and warrants.
182 countries covered
5 years of historical data
Get exclusive insights on Gross Booking Value and Total Number of Nights booked on Airbnb
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Exchange Data International
Based in United Kingdom
Exchange Data International
With EDI you get high quality, affordable financial data customized to precisely fit your operational requirements.
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Based in United Kingdom
We use a rigorous scientific approach to collect and process the data and validate them on a scale using qualitative research and AI.
6 Million
Airbnb Data
Countries Covered
customised regions
FirstRate Data
Based in USA
FirstRate Data
FirstRate Data LLC is a Delaware-registered corporation based in Chicago. We are focused on providing traders and analysts with high-resolution historical da...
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