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ViralMoment’s Reddit Stock Ticker Mention and Sentiment

by ViralMoment
computer vision to compile consumer data on individual or group sentiment about the stock market. ... ViralMoment’s Reddit Stock Ticker Mention and Sentiment pulls data from active and notorious investing
Available for 1 country
20K Posts per Day
2 months of historical data
100% Mentions Captured
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$100$95 / month
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5% revenue share - Brain Company profile banner
Brain Company
Based in Italy
Brain Company
BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong...
NLP Platform - FACTSET profile banner
Based in USA
FactSet delivers superior content, analytics, and flexible technology to help more than 133,000 users see and seize opportunity sooner. We give investment pr...
client companies
client retention - ESG Analytics profile banner
ESG Analytics
Based in Canada
ESG Analytics
ESG Analytics uses alternative data to evaluate ESG dimensions for companies, countries and investment funds.
Speed - Helios profile banner
Based in USA
Helios is the first and only company to conceive and devise a widely available data platform that delivers systematic analytics of an executive’s voice on ea... - Knowsis profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
Knowsis is a web intelligence company using cutting edge natural language processing and data science to extract value from non-traditional online sources in...
Feedback and Alerts
Based in USA
FactSquared, Inc provides fully automated voice and video transcription and analysis services. Current coverage includes earnings calls for most U.S. public ...

The Ultimate Guide to Stock Market Sentiment Data 2021

Learn about stock market sentiment data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Stock Market Sentiment Data?

Stock market sentiment is the general attitude of investors towards a particular financial market or security offering. It is the feeling or tone of a market which is shown by the activity and price changes of the securities and shares which are traded on a particular market. Rising prices indicate bullish market (i.e. the market is on the rise and the economy is sound) whereas falling prices indicate bearish market sentiment (i.e. the economy is receding and most stocks are declining in value).

How is Stock Market Sentiment Data collected?

A huge amount of data is generated and collected throughout the course of the trading day. Stock market sentiment data can be collected through the analysis of activity recorded while these trades are made. An increase in prices and the resultant trades indicate a bullish market whereas the reverse indicates a bearish market. This data hads to be analysed to provide a comprehensive overview of stock market sentiment and so may be more expensive than raw stock market data that can also be purchased. As stock market sentiment data shows the trends of investors’ attitudes towards markets, historical trading data is also important as this provides long-term insights into how the market and attitudes towards the market have developed.

What are the attributes of Stock Market Sentiment Data?

A stock market sentiment dataset will provide a variety of information related to attitudes towards the stock market. This may be details of trades that have been made over a period of time, as well as the prices that the shares and securities were traded for in relation to previous prices to give a trend overview of the tone of the market.

It will also provide basic information about the timeframe and the trades that were made during the course of this period. Often, this information is analysed carefully to provide essential stock market sentiment information. This may come in the form of interactive graphs which can be used to provide key insights into different points in the market’s history depending on your personal needs.

What is Stock Market Sentiment Data used for?

Stock market sentiment data is primarily used by those involved in the stock market to make the most well-informed trades and generate the highest profit margins possible. Investors, traders and brokers use this information to evaluate the current sentiment of their peers towards the stock market to judge whether it is an appropriate time to make trades. Whether they do or not tends to depend on whether they are bullish or bearish investors and this information will then be reflected in future stock market sentiment datasets depending on whether they make trades or not.

How can a user assess the quality of Stock Market Sentiment Data?

A high quality stock market sentiment dataset will provide clear and comprehensive insights into current sentiments towards the stock market. This information should be easy to comprehend to make investing as simple as possible, but should also provide detailed insights to ensure that you are well-informed before making any trades or investing any money.

Historical stock market sentiment data is equally important in a high quality dataset because it can show you have attitudes towards a certain market has developed over time. This means you can easily identify trends and highlight moments when investors and traders are more likely to interact with the market and tailor your personal decisions based on this.

Before buying any stock market sentiment data you should read the data provider’s reviews and ask for a data sample to ensure you are getting the right data for your needs.

Who are the best Stock Market Sentiment Data providers?

Finding the right Stock Market Sentiment Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Stock Market Sentiment Data providers that you might want to buy Stock Market Sentiment Data from are Brain Company, FACTSET, ESG Analytics, Helios, and Knowsis.

Where can I buy Stock Market Sentiment Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Stock Market Sentiment Data products and samples. Popular Stock Market Sentiment Data products and datasets available on our platform are Brain Sentiment Indicator - Stock Market Sentiment Data / Global Coverage / NLP-Sourced Data / Scores for 10,000+ Stocks by Brain Company, Risklio Event-Aware Trading Insights | US Stock Sentiment & Equity Market Insights by Risklio, and - Social media sentiment analysis of posts related to stocks - 30 days of history API by

How can I get Stock Market Sentiment Data?

You can get Stock Market Sentiment Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Stock Market Sentiment Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Stock Market Sentiment Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Stock Market Sentiment Data?

Stock Market Sentiment Data is similar to Short Interest Data, ETF Data, Stock Fundamental Data, Intraday Stock Data, and Stock Price Data. These data categories are commonly used for Stock Market Predictions and Stock Market Sentiment Data analytics.

What are the most common use cases for Stock Market Sentiment Data?

The top use cases for Stock Market Sentiment Data are Stock Market Predictions and Stock Valuation.