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Intraday Stock Data

Intraday stock data describe stocks that trade on the securities market during official business hours. This data is used by short-term traders to decide the right time to enter or exit a trade. Datarade helps you find intraday stock data APIs, datasets and databases.

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Intraday Data Analytics for ETF/ETP/ETCs traded on European exchanges - 1 Year

by Goldbaum
Intraday datasets and analytics for products trading on European exchanges. Our service provides datasets and measures based on iNAV/iCVs, prices, creations/redemptions and volumes.
Volume4K Financial security identification number (ISIN), 100K Financial security identification number (Exchange Symbol, CUSIP, WKN, SEDOL)
Quality100% Data Accuracy, 100% Analytics Accuracy
United Kingdom
+ 6 others
History1 years of past data available
Use CaseTrading, Product Research + 3 more
Starts at
€5€4.50 / ISIN
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
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Based in United States of America

xignite is a data provider offering Bond Data, Corporate Actions Data, Bond Pricing Data, Fixed Income Data, Mutual Funds Data, ETF Data, Indices Data, Swaps Data, Futures Price Data, Fixed Income ...

Based in United States of America

Tick Data is a data provider offering Forex Data, Stock Market Data, Corporate Actions Data, Currency Data, Derivatives Data, Futures Price Data, Futures Data, Options Price Data, and Intraday Stoc...

Based in United States of America

QuantQuote is a data provider offering Stock Quote Data and Intraday Stock Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.

Based in United States of America

Cannon Valley Research exists to serve your financial data needs. We specialize in collecting, organizing and cleaning messy raw data.

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What is Intraday Stock Data?

Intraday is a term used to describe the price movements of stock on the securities exchange market during the official working hours of the day. The securities traded during this time encompass stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As such, intraday stock data also reveals the highs and lows in price that a given stock achieved in the day. This data is particularly important for traders who use it to make decisions as far as making multiple trades during a regular trading session is concerned.

How is Intraday Stock Data collected?

The easiest way to collect intraday stock data from the securities trading markets is to buy this data from a historical data provider. There are many brokerage platforms which provide raw intraday data on the intraday stock market and provide it via exchanges at the time needed. Depending on the needs for the data, data vendors can provide stock datasets that focus on country-specific stock markets, or global stock markets. Some intraday stock data brokers also offer a DDE connection to their trading platform that enables real-time intraday stock data streaming. A stock trader can take advantage of this real-time connection to capture data using automated algorithms.

What are the common attributes of Intraday Stock Data?

An intradaystock data feed shows the opening price of shares for the given day. The data reveals the highest price the shares have reached and the lowest price they have fallen to in the course of the trading period of one day. It shows the closing price of the shares after a regular day of trading. Intraday stock data also shows the precise date of the observation of the trading period. Lastly, intraday stock data informs investors of the number of shares that have been bought or sold during a day of trading in the stock market.

What is Intraday Stock Data used for?

Intraday stocks data is used to monitor price movements and map these using charts. These movements are applied by short-term traders to decide the right time to enter or exit a regular day trading session. This analysis acts as a solid foundation upon which short-term traders can execute trading strategies hence capitalizing on short-range price variations. Additionally, this data is also applied when trading options. Since option prices do not fluctuate as often as the underlying stock prices, stock traders make use of intraday prices to figure out the precise moment when the option is mispriced compared to the stock. With the advent of technologically-advanced electronic trading, day trading has now become more popular with traders who can conduct transactions by a simple click of a button.

How can a user assess the quality of Intraday Stock Data?

The core quality of intraday stock data is dependent on the ability of the data to provide a real-time overview of the trading session for a given stock market. Real-time intraday stock data portrays real-time information of stock trading volume, a factor that helps a stock trader to have a view of the intricate process of price fluctuations in equity markets. Another quality assessment tool of intraday stock data is its ability to isolate the pre-existing market trend from the surrounding noise. It gives a trader the chance to capitalize on specific developments and therefore initiate the correct entry or exit tactics. Lastly, the quality of intraday stock data ought to give a clear outline of liquidity, volatility and correlation of a given stock on the market.

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