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Stock fundamental data refers to the real-time or historical data of stocks that are tradable in the market. Traders and investors use this data to formulate strategies and to monitor the market. Datarade helps you find the best stock fundamental data providers and feeds.

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Nikkei Corporate Financial Data

by Nikkei Market Data
Nikkei provides the fastest and accurate Japanese corporate financial information. Our data will contribute to your insights and analysis, delivering a substantial competitive edge.
Volume4K Listed companies, 50 Years history
Quality100% Listed companies are covered
History50 years of past data available
Use CaseStock Selection, Due Diligence + 3 more
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly license
Yearly license
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Aggregated Basket Analytics for ETF/ETP/ETCs (Global Coverage)

by Goldbaum
End-of-day and historical basket analytics for products trading on global exchanges. Our service provides aggregated datasets and measures based on and index and basket constituents (equities, fixe...
Volume200K Financial security identification number (ISIN,Exchange Symbol, CUSIP, WKN, SEDOL), 24 Months of Historical Time Series (Rolling)
Quality100% Data Accuracy, 100% Analytics Accuracy
+ 246 others
History2 years of past data available
Use CasePortfolio Analysis, Trading + 3 more
Starts at
€5€4.50 / ISIN
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
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Based in United States of America

Barchart is a leading provider of market data and services to the global financial, media, and commodity industries. Our solutions makes it easy for you to create your own financial products, tool...

Based in United States of America

ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., the world’s leading provider of environmental, social, and governance solutions for asset owners, asset manager...

Based in Canada

Quandl is a data provider offering Corporate Actions Data, Bond Pricing Data, Travel Intent Data, Alternative Data, Commodity Data, Mutual Funds Data, ETF Data, Swaps Data, Futures Price Data, Cred...

Based in United States of America

xignite is a data provider offering Bond Data, Corporate Actions Data, Bond Pricing Data, Fixed Income Data, Mutual Funds Data, ETF Data, Indices Data, Swaps Data, Futures Price Data, Fixed Income ...

Based in United States of America

Intrinio is a data provider offering Corporate Actions Data, Stock Price Data, Stock Fundamental Data, Fixed Income Reference Data, Stock Market Data, and Alternative Data. They are headquartered i...

The Ultimate Guide to Stock Fundamental Data 2020

Learn everything about Stock Fundamental Data. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is Stock Fundamental Data?

Stock fundamental data is a list of real-time or historical stock data. It comprises all the available stocks in a market, including the global market. Stock fundamental data also includes portfolio analysis, stock price, growth rates, revenues, and sometimes financial statements. This data provides a valuable insight to help investors decide which stock to pick for investment based on the data. Stock fundamental data is utilized to evaluate a company’s value and conduct fundamental analysis of the company’s assets.

How is Stock Fundamental Data collected?

Depending on the location of the stock market, the stock fundamental data varies differently. The data is collected from various global markets like NASDAQ and NYSE. These sources are then organized and validated to acquire accurate and error-free data to analyze and assess the stock market. With stock fundamental data, you can compare markets to forecast a stock’s future value. The global stock market is harder to collect stock fundamental data from because it’s not standardized, so is more difficult to compile in a dataset.

What are the attributes of Stock Fundamental Data?

There are lots of common attributes of stock fundamental data. It may include cash and equivalents, the total revenue, cash from operations, and many more. You may also check for the daily stock index – high, open, low, close, and volume. An extended attribute may consist of more than 150 stock attributes. These attributes are essential in picking the right data for you. Additionally, don’t forget the to look for historical value of the stock as a key attribute, since it’s an essential part of fundamental analysis strategy.

What is Stock Fundamental Data used for?

Investors and traders use stock fundamental data to analyze the growth of particular stocks or use it as part of their trading strategy by conducting fundamental analysis. Stock fundamental data is used to compare markets from their historical value and predict their future value. Having this data makes it easier for traders to comprehend the different stock market trends – locally or globally.

How can a user assess the quality of Stock Fundamental Data?

A high-quality stock fundamental data feed must be incorporated with the global markets and exchanges like the NYSE, NASDAQ, the SEC, and many more. The data should also provide the basic data needed as well as more complicated analytics. For proper histircal analysis, stock fundamental data must have historical stock prices for at least the previous six years. You should also check how data providers organize their data and how it’s delivered. Stock fundamental data should be free from errors and must be timely. Another method is to ask for their customer support – see if they are responsive. Ask data providers if they offer a free trial or data sample.

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