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Financial intelligence refers to the width of knowledge about a business' financial results and performance. Many companies use data-driven approaches to make informed, strategic financial decisions, leading to more optimised processes and investments.
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Our Data Partners
African Financial and Economic Data
by Exchange Data International
Exchange Data International
58 countries covered
20 years of historical data
Explore Financial and Economic Intelligence on all 54 African countries. African Financial and Economic Data (AFED) provides definitive financial and econ...
1K Records
100% Accuracy
1 country covered
Our data set consists of in depth transaction data from 1000+ mobile banking customers.
11 billion dollars
115 countries covered
5 years of historical data
Get even line items from invoices, receipts, POs, forms, and other key business documents with Photon Commerce's AI service. Organize all of your documents/P...
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Exchange Data International
Based in United Kingdom
Exchange Data International
With EDI you get high quality, affordable financial data customized to precisely fit your operational requirements.
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Photon Commerce
Based in USA
Photon Commerce
The company streamlines the collection, processing, validation, and management of purchase data from the receipts, invoices, and payments data of consumers a...
transaction purchase history
transaction purchase history - TOKENCENT profile banner
Based in USA
TOKENCENT® is a mobile bank that issues prepaid debit cards to over 1,000 banking customers. We offer access to our full customer transaction data set by mon...
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