Best Data for Portfolio Analysis

Data-driven portfolio analysis refers to the statistical study about the structure and likely outcomes for a combination of grouped assets. Analysts use often a mix of financial market and alternative data to benchmark their portfolio’s performance against the market potential.
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240 countries covered
1 years of historical data
Sustainability ESG Risk scores delivered via API. Coverage extends for 30k companies, 400 governments, 220k funds and portfolios. ESG risk tree with more tha...
249 countries covered
Analyst Ratigns API is a data delivery method that allows you to get instantly data on real-time buy, hold, sell ratings and price consensus as well as hist...
249 countries covered
15 years of historical data
The analyst ratings API is a format of obtaining data on real-time and historical analyst recommendations (buy, sell and hold), consensus estimates and price...
8.5K Companies
106 countries covered
22+ positive, negative and speciality screens for global companies. 8500 companies mapped to financial indices.
60K Companies
249 countries covered
3 years of historical data
Environmental, Social & Governance events mapped to companies globally. Sentiment analysis gives a range of positive and negative (with a score in between) t...
249 countries covered
20 years of historical data
Includes 29 factors on ESG, impact, climate, and SDG alignment for all sovereign debt issuers with time series from 2001. Unique pathway analysis allows inve... - Exchange Data International profile banner
Exchange Data International
Based in United Kingdom
Exchange Data International
With EDI you get high quality, affordable financial data customized to precisely fit your operational requirements.
Certified - Cbonds profile banner
Based in Netherlands
Cbonds is a global data provider with the main focus on the fixed income market. Founded in 2000, the agency has gained a reputation as a respected and compe...
Based in Bulgaria
Finnworlds is a data provider offering Intraday Stock Data, Stock Fundamental Data, Stock Market Sentiment Data, Dividend Data, and 18 others. They are headq... - Impact Cubed profile banner
Impact Cubed
Based in United Kingdom
Impact Cubed
Impact Cubed’s award winning data and portfolio analytics are used by investors to understand ESG, impact, climate, and SDG considerations. Our factor level ...
listed corporate equities
fixed income securities
sovereign debt issuers - GIST profile banner
Based in Switzerland
GIST is a pioneering data and analytics company working at the intersection of sustainability, economics, and big data. Our data and software solutions help ...
sustainability KPIs captured
$ value
of all impacts calculated
listed companies covered - Graviton profile banner
Based in Luxembourg
Graviton is specialises in the Smart Deployment of Technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Portfolio Analysis

Learn everything about Portfolio Analysis. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is portfolio analysis?

Portfolio analysis means the activity which measures the structure and monetary output for a given set of financial assets.

Why is portfolio analysis important?

The use of market data portfolio analysis is important as it helps predict the assets’ future financial performance. The action sets the stage for portfolio optimization where high potential stocks, bonds, and other assets are bought to produce the maximum ROI for a given level of risk.