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Trading refers to buying and selling of stocks, contracts, or commodities through an exchange. Data on stock prices and other market indictors is often used by investors to make their decisions. Done correctly, use of data helps increase ROI and lowers risk on investments.
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USA covered
2 years of historical data
TopStonks saves investors time by summarizing the conversation on alternative stock forums, and surfacing the best signals. We have been structuring, and pre...
1.15K Securities
2 countries covered
24 months of historical data
Trading Volatility's daily measurements of options skew, price compression, and option put/call ratios for evaluation of sentiment within the U.S. equity opt...
1.15K Securities
2 countries covered
24 months of historical data
Trading Volatility's daily measurements consist of Naive Gamma Exposure and Skew-Adjusted Gamma Exposure for understanding of option-driven trading flows in ...
249 countries covered
20 years of historical data
Using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we provide data adjusted to your needs – for individual power plant locations and grid areas alike. We can...
99.9% individual trades on the market
198 countries covered
10 years of historical data
Count is a trading metric allowing to identify traffic and trading structure when used alongside VWAP and OHLCV. It allows users who are not keen / equipped ...
200M Trades and counting
100% Gapless Binance Trade History until yesterday
249 countries covered
All historic aggregates trades for the BNB-USDT pair from the Binance exchange, tick by tick until yesterday. Other trade pairs on request.
Woodseer Global
Based in United Kingdom
Woodseer Global
Using our systematic alorithm+analyst approach since 2016 we provide accuracy at scale.
5+ years
Backtestable history
2-4 years
Forecast horizon - QueXopa profile banner
Based in Panama
QueXopa® is an Alternative Data provider that finds, sources and aggregates the data that fuels decision makers in all areas of government, finance and indus...
Access to Emerging Markets
GDPR, LGPD Compliant
+3 Million
Users in Brazil & Mexico - Meteomatics profile banner
Based in Switzerland
Meteomatics weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. A single API endpoint to acce... - Cryptoquote profile banner
Based in USA
Cryptoquote platform aggregates and processes real-time streaming L1/L2 price data and applies advanced analytics calculation engine to our database in order...
Cryptocurrency pairs
Historical Database
Level 1 & 2
MT Newswires
Based in USA
MT Newswires
Founded in 1999, MT Newswires has a long history of providing accurate, unbiased, original and real-time corporate, financial, global capital market and econ... - Fable Data profile banner
Fable Data
Based in United Kingdom
Fable Data
Fable Data is a leading provider of European consumer spend data, delivering high-quality, real-time, anonymised data on the performance of the economy into ...
5 million
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Frequently Asked Questions about Trading

Learn everything about Trading. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is data-driven trading?

Data-driven trading means the selling and buying of assets based on insights from big data. Many events like stock price fluctuations, and overall market movements can be predicted with the right insights from the market.

Why use data in trading?

Data is being used in trading strategies to mitigate risks and identify profitable investment opportunities. It helps investors make predictions about the market and identify assets that are undervalued in potential.