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Accutrend Data: B2B New Business Registration Information for USA

by Accutrend
At Accutrend, New Business Data is sourced daily to make it the newest data in the market and offers ... Accutrend New Business Data (ADC-NBD)  is new business registrations, procured from the city, county
Available for 1 countries
54.9M ADC Universe Count
17 years of historical data
Starts at
$120 / purchase
Free sample available

Global Location, POI, Business, and Sentiment Data .

by The Data Appeal Company
We provide The world’s most accurate POI and location data, enriched with Business, Financial Information ... We deliver accurate, detailed data in standard JSON format or Data Packages POI data includes property
Available for 240 countries
300 Billion Pieces of Online Content Analyzed Each Day
4 years of historical data
Starts at
$49 / purchase
Free sample available

Global POI Data | 11M+ POIs for Brands | Business Listings | POI for Maps

by SafeGraph
Global business listings information about points of interest (POI), such as brand, address, location ... to unlock business insights and drive innovation.
Available for 240 countries
11M POI (Points of Interest)
1 years of historical data
Starts at
$30,000 / year
Free sample available

Wult Company & Business listings database globally available (category, location, universal company identifier

by Cleardata
More detail Wult’s business data includes accurate and regularly updated company information. ... Overview Detailed and structured global business listings including category, location and universal
Available for 240 countries
Pricing available upon request

aKQired Global B2B Contact List, B2B Contact Data for ABM, Linkedin Prospecting, Business Owner List

by aKQired
Append & Enrichment Data Mining/Cleansing and Directory Scrapping ... (ALL Type of Business and Prospect Contacts) Prospect List Building(Eg.
Available for 249 countries
2K Contacts/Per Day
5 years of historical data
100% Qualified Contact Information
Starts at
$550$495 / 1000 Contacts
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
10% revenue share

Multimedia Lists - Business Firmographic & Ownership, Address Data USA (119 Million businesses)

by Multimedia Lists
Database of more than 119+M US businesses with firmographic, ownership and address data. ... This data product provided by multimedia list covers all US businesses by state with detailed information
Available for 1 countries
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

SafeGraph Retail Monitoring Data - US, UK, Canada | POI and Business Listing Information and Foot-traffic

by SafeGraph
Understand the business health of past tenants by leveraging 3 years of historical data. ... Leverage SafeGraph’s Places Core data for the business listing information about a POI, such as brand
Available for 3 countries
3 years of historical data
Starts at
$0.05 / purchase
Free sample available

Locationscloud - Global Location, Business & Sentiment Data

by Locationscloud
We give the most precise POI and location data in the world, along with business, financial, and sentiment ... Locationscloud offer reliable data in all format.
Available for 249 countries
Pricing available upon request

Local Business Reviews by Traject Data: Review Data for Businesses in US, Canada & Australia

by Traject Data
Listings data includes: business name, phone number, street address, locality (city), postal code. ... Traject Data offers robust site listings and review data collection via its Reputation API.
Available for 3 countries
Starts at
$0.05 / review

Accutrend Data: B2B Diversity Business Intelligence for USA

by Accutrend
As a data compiler, ADC is the first to collect and store data on minority businesses. ... Our data is customizable to each client’s unique needs.
Available for 1 countries
1.42M ADC Universe Count
15 years of historical data
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License
Free sample available - Bright Data profile banner
Bright Data
Based in USA
Bright Data
Bright Data is a leading data collection platform, which enables our customers to collect data sets from millions of websites through our proprietary technol...
+72M IPs
Around the world
Network uptime
Response time - The Data Appeal Company profile banner
The Data Appeal Company
Based in Italy
The Data Appeal Company
We offer the most powerful mix of geo-spatial, business information and customer perception data for any Point of Interest, brand or territory - worldwide. ...
Average Annual Revenue Growth
Increase in Customer Sentiment
Increase in Market Share - Multimedia Lists profile banner
Multimedia Lists
Based in USA
Multimedia Lists
Data and lists are our business. We compile them, clean them up, merge/purge them, manage them for other companies and we find YOU lists that can target any ...
US Consumers
Consumer Compiled - aKQired profile banner
Based in India
Are you are looking to grow your sales and improve your profits? aKQired is the right place for your B2B Solution Needs. We Provide One-stop solution for our...
Verified Emails And Phone
Outreach - BoldData profile banner
Based in Netherlands
With unbeatable locally sourced data, skilled data experts and smart technology, we help tech start-ups, multinationals and non-profits to unlock the power o...
Data you can trust
> 250M
companies worldwide
> 2,000
happy customers - SafeGraph profile banner
Based in USA
SafeGraph is a data company that builds datasets on the physical world for teams at ESRI, Microsoft, Sysco, and Goldman Sachs. Our high-precision Places data...
POI in US and CAN
Brands in US and CAN
Fill Rates

The Ultimate Guide to Business Listings Data 2022

Learn about business listings data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Business Listings Data?

Business listings data is a subcategory of B2B data. It is information about a business’ key details, such as its name, address and phone number. It is key for the online visibility of any business as it allows consumers to find businesses online, see their availabilites and contact them. Business listings data is also essential because it allows search engines to show businesses in geo-targeted searches and prove their legitimacy as a company.

How is Business Listings Data collected?

Business listings data is usually complied from different various sources. This could be publicly available information taken from the business’ official website or licensed data from third parties. User contributions are also key for compiling listings data as this can provide factual information, such as adresses and phone numbers, or content, such as photos and reviews, which help enhance a business’ credibility and online visibility.

What are the typical attributes of Business Listings Data?

Different types of company information makes up a business listing dataset.

Basic data can include a business’ name, address and contact details, such as a phone number. It can be used to tell you the names and titles of key individuals in a company from small businesses to major corporations. It can also be used to get a business’ exact location, such as its co-ordinates, or to provide a company’s opening/closing times.
This set can also be refined for more detail specific business listing data. For example, the information could be about minority-owned businesses or could focus on country-specific details.

What is Business Listings Data used for?

Consumers often use business listings data to verify a company’s credibility, for example checking its location or opening times.
Businesses themselves use this data to increase their online visibility to attract consumers to their services. Having accurate business listing data helps to ensure that a company can be found online and that it can be contacted by customers. If a consumer can see when a company is open, they will be more likely to go there if they are looking to shop in-store.
This data is also used by search engines to display a business’ location in location-targeted searches. This means consumers can find businesses specific to a certain area, which is why up to date business listing information is so key.

How can a user assess the quality of Business Listings Data?

The best business listings data will be up to date with the latest content. Outdated business listings data can result in B2B marketers wasting time pursuing dead leads.
Good data sets will also provide a long history of past data so you can see how a listing’s information, such as its primary contact details or location, has changed over time.
It is also important to have a data set that provides information for numerous businesses so that you can compare company details against its competitors.
Always check the data provider’s reviews before buying any data and ask for a data sample before you buy from a provider to ensure that their business listings data matches your needs.

Where can I buy Business Listings Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Business Listings Data products and samples. Popular Business Listings Data products and datasets available on our platform are Accutrend Data: B2B New Business Registration Information for USA by Accutrend, Global Location, POI, Business, and Sentiment Data . by The Data Appeal Company, and Global POI Data | 11M+ POIs for Brands | Business Listings | POI for Maps by SafeGraph.

How can I get Business Listings Data?

You can get Business Listings Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Business Listings Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Business Listings Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Business Listings Data?

Business Listings Data is similar to Store Location Data, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Data, POI Visitation Data, Restaurant Location Data, and Business Location Data. These data categories are commonly used for Location Planning and Foot Traffic Analysis.

What are the most common use cases for Business Listings Data?

The top use cases for Business Listings Data are Location Planning and Foot Traffic Analysis.