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What is Oil Refinery Data?

Oil refinery data is information on the location and status of oil refineries across the world. This data can be used for checking the downstream portion of supply chains and for performing in-depth analysis on the development of infrastructure in the refining industry.Learn more

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Oil and Gas Data - Reach Top Decision Makers With Our Verified Oil and Gas List - Blue Mail Media

by Blue Mail Media
Our Oil and Gas Data helps you reach the top Decision Makers without any hassle.With our Robust Oil and ... Blue Mail Media’s accurate Oil and Gas Data can be the single step solution for your marketing Campaigns
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Axiom EMI Oil & Gas and Renewables Data (Global): LNG Terminals Database (Terminals, FLNG, FSRUs)

by Axiom EMI
Gain access to key data for future regasification and liquefaction terminals globally; onshore and offshore ... structure with client-defined columns – CRM Integration; we map our data to your opportunities
Available for 249 countries
200 New LNG opportunities
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Sulpetro Natural-Gas-Liquids Statistical Yearbook - NGL Production Data (USA & Canada)

by Sulpetro
An annual statistical study publication providing over 37 years of production data for all NGL facilities ... Includes: -natural gas and natural-gas-liquids industry production data for the US and Canada.
Available for 2 countries
10 years of historical data
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Blue Mail Media
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Blue Mail Media
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Business Records - Axiom EMI profile banner
Axiom EMI
Based in United Kingdom
Axiom EMI
Axiom EMI is a highly experienced research and advisory firm focussed on the global offshore energy markets. Our service integrates the O&G space with offsho...
Offshore Platforms
Subsea equipment structures
Upcoming Project Opportunities - Sulpetro profile banner
Based in Canada
Sulpetro is a data firm specializing in Natural Gas Liquid (LPG/NGL/HGL) market intelligence and data analytics. We’ve served the natural gas sector since 19...
By Individual plant
Mont Belvieu, Conway 140
Pipeline, Truck, Rail, or Ship
Based in United Kingdom
Enerdata is a data provider offering Climate Data, Oil & Gas Data, and Oil Refinery Data. They are headquartered in United Kingdom.
Based in France
Kayrros is a data provider offering Satellite Data, Oil & Gas Data, and Oil Refinery Data. They are headquartered in France.
Rystad Energy
Based in Norway
Rystad Energy
Rystad Energy is a data provider offering Research Data, Solar Energy Data, Oil & Gas Data, Oil Refinery Data, and Wind Power Data. They are headquartered in...

The Ultimate Guide to Oil Refinery Data 2022

Learn about oil refinery data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Oil Refinery Data?

Oil refineries are industrial plants that refine crude oil into various different usuable petroleum products like gasoline, diesel or heating oils. Oil refineries re the second stage is the crude oil production process after the extraction of crude oil. Oil refinery datasets provide information about these refineries. They are key part of the crude oil production process and crude oil itself has a whole multitude of purposes so many different businesses need the details provided by oil refinery datasets.

How is Oil Refinery Data collected?

Researchers survey different oil refineries to collect data in order to populate the contents of an oil refinery dataset. There is a huge amount of data that is produced during the process of oil refinement due to the complex nature of the process itself and the logistical concerns involved. This data is then collected by data providers and researchers and analyzed to creat oil refinery datasets.
While some data in a refinery is collected manually and recorded in computer programmes other data is automatically processed by the machines during the refinement process. The former takes more time to process and analyze, while the latter is available much more immediately. It is therefore important to check which type is provided by the data provider, especially if your business needs this information to updated regularly.

What are the attributes of Oil Refinery Data?

An oil refinery dataset will provide a wealth of information collected during the oil refinery process. Typically one of these datasets will include the following details:
Consumption data - This data involves the products which are purchased for consumption at a refinery, such as fuel, electricity and steam. This data is key for understanding how the refinery itself functions and what is needed to produce refined oil.
Transportation data - Transportation data is used to produce refinery receipts of crude oil. By noting transportation details you can see what was delivered, what amount and when.
Oil data - The main segment of oil refinery data will relate to the oil itself (either the crude oil or the refined oil). This intillgence may provide current and projected capacities for crude oil distillation, downstream charge as well as production and storage figures.

What is Oil Refinery Data used for?

Due to the importance of different types of crude oil in many different sectors and the multitude of companies that rely on it, there are many different uses of oil refinery data. However, the primary esentially use of these datasets comes down to supply and demand evaluation.
Manufacturing companies and businesses rely on oil refinery data for their business. They use this data for profit management as well as quality and process control. Similarly, businesses and oil production companies as well as suppliers use this data to evaluate the demand for different types of oil and produce accordingly to avoid waste and maximize profit generation.

How can a user assess the quality of Oil Refinery Data?

A high quality oil refinery dataset will provide up-to-date information which is regularly and consistently updated to reflect the latest figures. Historical data is a factor you may also look for for your business’ needs as it can provide a useful insight into how factors, such as demand, have evolved to reflect new development in the energy industry.
Always make sure to read the data provider’s reviews before buying and ask for a data sample in advance of purchase to ensure that the data provided matches your personal needs.

Where can I buy Oil Refinery Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Oil Refinery Data products and samples. Popular Oil Refinery Data products and datasets available on our platform are Oil and Gas Data - Reach Top Decision Makers With Our Verified Oil and Gas List - Blue Mail Media by Blue Mail Media, Axiom EMI Oil & Gas and Renewables Data (Global): LNG Terminals Database (Terminals, FLNG, FSRUs) by Axiom EMI, and Sulpetro Natural-Gas-Liquids Statistical Yearbook - NGL Production Data (USA & Canada) by Sulpetro.

How can I get Oil Refinery Data?

You can get Oil Refinery Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Oil Refinery Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Oil Refinery Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.