GTFS data manager

User-friendly editing tool to operate the database of public transit routes and convert them into GTFS data. Allows database versions, provides analytical tools and access to transit network modelling and planning.

Data Fit

Use Cases


Urban Mobility Analysis

Urban Planning

Based on

Map Data

Location Data

IoT Data


Product Type
Pricing Models
One-off purchase, Yearly subscription
Historic Data
10 years of past data available
Suitable for
Enterprises, Mid Market, Small Businesses

Geo Coverage

Covered Continents

Africa, Antartica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania


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Data Attributes

Attribute Example Description
Timetable 05:32 - 00:39 every 25 min Time Schedule for the different sorts of Public transport
Operating dates Weekends Days when the transport works
Fare 1$ Price for one trip
Fare payment methods Cash Payment options
Transit agensy City department The company which provides transportation service
Transport class Midbus The size of the transport
Route statistic 5 km and 10 stops The length of the trip line, number of stops

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