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1.2M podcast shows
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Africa, Antartica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania


This product contains publicly available metadata for nearly all public podcasts (1.2M+).

For each podcast show, the following is provided:

  • title
  • publisher/artist
  • description
  • categories
  • publisher/artist email
  • rss feed url
  • explicitness
  • logo url
  • iTunes url
  • Picasso url
  • We also provide additional info to understand the popularity and activity for the podcast such as:

  • number of episodes
  • date of last publish
  • avg. number of listens per episode (if publicly available)
  • number of ratings on iTunes
  • avg. rating on iTunes

This dataset will be refreshed weekly.

If you would like any custom version of this dataset, and/or episode metadata (as opposed to just show), please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE: See our other datasets for transcriptions of the most popular podcasts, or podcasts in a specific genre (like business/investing), or data regarding podcast advertisers.

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