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Predictive Credit Intelligence

A dataset by TrackStar
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Creditors Account Types Zip SampleHead
1 Bank of America Collection, Charge Off 90210 Value
2 Bank of America Collection, Charge Off 90210 Value
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Predictive Credit Intelligence


30 million records

Use Cases


North America (1)
United States of America


Data Attributes

Attribute Example Description
Creditors Bank of America Data Furnisher
Account Types Collection, Charge Off Classification based upon account type
Zip 90210 Account holder Zip Code


15 years of history data

Product Description

TrackStar AI is a machine learning technology that integrates with LOS systems through an API. Our technology integrates with lenders, banks and multiple technologies to reveal revenue opportunities in real time. Built on our proprietary data, our models accurately predict future borrowing potential.

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Small Business
Medium-sized Business


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Advancing Lending Through Predictive Credit Technology

COA Reduce cost of acquisition

Risk Improve AVG credit score

Retention Build long-term loyalty

Compliance Automated Disclosures