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US Consumer Card Payments

A dataset by Facteus
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US Consumer Card Payments

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US Consumer Card Payments features a dataset that includes daily transactions from millions of active cards. Data gathering began in 2011 and continues to amass. In addition to the billions of transactions in the data set, all ongoing transaction data is delivered approximately 24 hours after the transaction date. Whether you’re looking for trends in retail transactions to inform investment decisions or to understand consumer behavior over a broader set of consumers, the ARM Mimic Data Suite gives you a distinct advantage because of our financial and payments data. • Access the “truth” of actual transaction data history, location, type and volume, not just general trends • Insight into Millenial, Gen Z, and the Underbanked market segments that are underrepresented in other transaction data sets • Delve into more transactions for deeper insights using synthetic data, which allows 100% data rights while retaining all statistical significance • Analyze more granular detail than what’s available in any other data sets • Protect consumer privacy while enabling more flexible analysis of safe data


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