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Earthmetry was founded in 2020 to address significant gaps in datasets that measure sustainability in India in areas such as energy use in power and transport; water resources and air quality.
As part of our Signals platform, we have a growing catalog of 20+ datasets that cover several real-time indicators on energy and resource usage and their effects in India.
For thematic investors, we offer very in-depth insight into the electricity sector including renewable and conventional energy sources, generators, electricity purchasing methods and markets.
Quants can also use these as indirect indicators for the Indian economy at daily or sub-daily levels as macro-economic data has a significant lag.


Data Offering

Our aim is to offer the widest portfolio of datasets related to sustainability in energy and resource consumption in India

Our current datasets cover the electricity sector in India in minute detail. We cover air quality in India by tracking key pollutants and farm and forest fires. We have introduced datasets that measure India’s water storage in major reservoirs.

If you need something that we don’t have now, just speak to us!

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One-time payment model may be made available for bespoke use cases

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Use Cases

Electricity / Energy sector in-depth analysis: energy sources, renewables, resource consumption, projections, markets
Water stress analysis
Air quality long-term and real-time temporal and spatial analysis
Indicators for quantitative models

Geo Coverage

Asia (1)

Data Sources & Collection

We source hard-to-collect data from Govt. websites, regulators and national coordination agencies that post reports and transient data on websites. We perform quality checks, enrichment and cross-linking before we present the data to you.

Key Differentiators

We have a long term vision to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in India with the widest and most coherent ESG dataset portfolio. Our datasets also act as indirect real-time indicators that help cover huge gaps and lag in macro data for India

Data Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We may collect data about you to mainly provide services that you have purchased from us and occasionally to let you know about our other products and services. This information is normally restricted to your name, email address, phone number, title and organization name. We will always remove your information from our servers if you make a request.
Access to our servers is strictly controlled. We do not collect or store any personal payment information at present.

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