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Founded in 1997, IVC is the leading data source and business information company in Israel’s high-tech industry. We help our clients understand the market, make connections and identify opportunities with access to the latest news, trends and developments. From venture capital and private equity funds to industry leading companies and emerging startups across Israel’s varied high tech sectors, we cater to the varied business information needs that make up the Israeli high tech ecosystem.

In addition to personal and company contact information, we provide transaction details on local investments made by global VC funds, angel investors, private equity, and other alternative asset managers. This yields the most comprehensive coverage of the Israeli high-tech market, with over 8,800 startups and 3,000 institutional investors included in our proprietary database.
Israeli Registered Database #366723

Data Categories

Lead & Address Data Firmographic Data B2B Leads Data News Data Technographic Data Research Data Financial & Stock Market Data Company Data B2B Contact Data

Key Differentiators

The Israeli Connection -
We track individuals and entities which has a direct connection to Israel.
Foreign investor who invested (directly) in an Israeli entity - will be on our DB.
Israeli entrepreneur who started a company overseas - will be on our DB.
Multinational corporation with an R&D center in Israel - the center will be on our DB.
And so on…

Data Sources

All channels of legally available information will be used as a data source:
Media, websites, business cards, social media,face2face meetings, expos and trade-shows, meet-ups, etc…

Use Cases

Some will use our data as a lead-generation tool (e.g. HR company looking to offer their services to growing companies), and some will focus on trends and aggregated macro perspective in order to better understand a specific market (e.g. government agency looking to understand growth in cyber-security trends) .


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Transfer methods 3/6

Email, API (pull), API (push)

Data formats 4/5



Privacy Considerations

Please see our updated Privacy Policy.


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