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We are Matrix Marketing, the most innovative South African business-to-business prospecting information provider. We are interested in only one thing – that we grow your business. We believe that through access to sales prospecting business information and software, comes increased sales and economic empowerment.

To survive in the modern business world, it’s not enough to make sales. Customers must be obtained at the lowest possible cost and retained for as long as possible.

Where selling was once about persuading and convincing, today salespeople have to really understand who their customers are and help them achieve their objectives. But to be genuinely customer focused, you need the right information.

Here’s where Matrix Marketing is the quickest way to increase sales at the least cost. Your profits depend on your sales team’s ability to uncover prospects and convince people that your products and services are necessary. But to be an effective sales person in today’s mar…

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Data Categories

B2B Leads Data B2B Contact Data

Key Differentiators

Targeted Sales Leads for Businesses.
Accurate Customer Profiling.
In-Depth Research & Analysis.
Find out more about your target audience by utilising our database, research and customer analysis solutions.

Data Sources

Matrix Marketing’s data carries an A-grade Postal Address Management Service Suppliers (PAMMS) certificate for accuracy. That means the quality of postal addresses on mail articles is high, leading to speedier, more accurate delivery and more cost-effective mailings so that your marketing efforts reach their targets.

Matrix Marketing is also a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and is aligned with its data-driven marketing best practices. We believe in advancing and protecting the responsible use of data-driven marketing wherever it is practiced, and we encourage all our customers to do the same.

Use Cases

xperience the power of accurate sales leads with a solution that gives you a logically integrated view of customers and prospects.

Our product offering comprises a set of business lead solutions that can be customised according to your business requirements.

Let us help your business:

Identify & Locate Customers. Matrix Marketing will be able to provide you with an understanding of how big your potential market is, what sector these potential customers are in, the size of the businesses, where they are located, who the correct contact people are, and what their contact details are.
Leverage the Strengths of Your Sales Team. By identifying the unique strengths of each of your sales executives, we can provide them with the types of contacts that best speak to those strengths, giving them an even greater chance of success.
Access Quality Business to Business Leads. Our researchers provide the best, most in-depth marketing intelligence available in the country….

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