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Matrix Marketing is South Africa’s premier supplier of business marketing information. Our innovative approach to data research, technology-driven solutions and specialised segmentation tools ensure our users can correctly identify and then target decision-makers to drive sales discussions and business development goals.

Kick start your Customer Lifecycle.

Data Categories

Business Listings Data Company Credit Rating Data Company Data Lead & Address Data B2B Leads Data B2B Contact Data

Key Differentiators

  • Targeted Sales Leads For Business
  • Accurate Customer Profiling.
  • In-Depth Research & Analysis.
  • POPIA Compliant
  • GIS Coding
  • Business Propensity To Pay

Data Sources

Matrix Marketing is POPIA compliant as the act stands currently, all research is conducted in house via recorded lines and we are clear in that the information will be used for marketing material, recordings are available on request.

Our specialist research team ensures that the data provided is of the very best quality…and our data updating facility makes sure it stays that way.

Use Cases

Targeted Sales Leads for Businesses: Dramatically increase the closure rates of your sales force. The industry average for closures from unqualified leads is between 3% and 5%. By contrast, we are confident we can double your success rates.

Accurate Customer Profiling: Tell us about the type of customer you’re looking to attract and we’ll provide you with matching leads. Alternatively, if you have a specific customer profile that you would like to grow, let us know and we’ll supply a list of matching companies from our databases

In-Depth Research & Analysis: Find out more about your target audience by utilising our database, research and customer analysis solutions


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Email, Cloud Storage, Web/App Interface

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Privacy Considerations

That though the Regulations governing the collection, requirement for consent, holding and processing of personal information etc have been published, no dates determining from when they will be applied or the proposed 12-36 month period in which data processors have to demonstrate compliance has been provided. The expert opinion we have received is that we are still, therefore, governed by an opt-out only approach to collecting, holding and processing personal information.

We do not hold personal contact information outside of the context of the business, that the individual represents. i.e. No personal Cell Phone numbers, home addresses or personal email addresses.
We do not hold any “sensitive” data as defined in the POPIA regulations on individuals.

The name and the business-related contact information has been supplied to us by the business. They have been notified of the purpose of the listing and have consented to the data being listed and provided with the opportunity…

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