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TruFactor, an InMobi Group company, delivers an Intelligence-as-a-Service platform. Built on a foundation of trust, compliance, and privacy, TruFactor ingests, filters, and processes data via its patented anonymization platform. TruFactor’s vision is to empower data scientists to leverage consumer intelligence securely and seamlessly.

Consumer engagement drives both company-specific performance and macro trends. Yet most platforms still deliver silo’d views of the consumer at points in time. How the same set of consumers is spending time online and offline and which businesses they are spending time with – will be the key indicators of how preferences and behavior are evolving and defining the New Normal.

TruFactor delivers:

  • Single source of consumer behavior (location, demographic, web, and mobile)
  • Consumer engagement across channels (digital and physical)
  • Consistent 35M User Panel
  • Macro-view across sector or granular data
United States of America

Data Offering

TruFactor intelligence is differentiated by:

  • Depth and quality of the data – physical location, demographics, app ownership and usage, web engagement – in a single source
  • Frequency of data collection ensures the highest accuracy
  • Consistency of the user panel enables robust cohorts (to measure trends within consistent segments over time)
  • Proprietary IP transforms the data into privacy-aware, application-ready consumer intelligence
Web-traffic DataLocation DataMobile App Usage DataPoint of Interest (POI) DataDemographic Data


TruFactor has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact TruFactor to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Retail and e-commerce: Most retailers are still focused on understanding their customer base based on transactional data. Consumer Intelligence from the TruFactor platform helps retailers understand what drives customer behaviors.

Finance:: Consumer engagement is a key driver of market changes as well as specific company performance. However, consumer engagement drivers have historically been unable to integrate both physical and digital signals or isolate growth indicators. The “phygital” graphs from the TruFactor Platform provide the complete consumer journey (app, web, behavioral data) to inform robust financial modeling.

OOH Advertising: Utilizing TruFactor’s ‘phygital’ platform, board operators and advertisers can engage with confidence knowing they have utilized the most accurate and persistent depiction of consumer behavior available.

**Urban Planning : **Replace labor-intensive surveys and point in time data collection with real-time “phygital” graphs from the TruFactor platform to optimize urban planning and transit applications.

Finance- Understand market changes and Brand KPIs Out of home advertising Retail-site selection and customer trends Urban Planning

Geo Coverage

Asia (4)
Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)
United Arab Emirates
North America (2)
United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

TruFactor’s anonymization platform and proprietary AI ingests, filters, and transforms more than 85 billion high-quality raw signals daily from wireless carriers, mobile apps, OEMs, and first-party application partnerships.

We evaluate each potential data source against robust criteria including Consumer Consent, Frequency of Data Collection, Breadth of Data, and Consistency of User Panel.

Key Differentiators

Unique Data Source

  • Depth of data per user across physical, digital, and demographic attributes
  • High frequency of signals collected daily
  • Scale and persistency of user panel for robust cohorts


  • Higher-order intelligence – delivers comprehensive view of businesses (across channels, cohorts, competitors)
  • Advanced computations and modeling for common use-cases (i.e., dwell time, travel modality) – almost no extrapolation or refinement needed


  • Consumer consent at foundation
  • Processing and filtering for privacy compliance before even entering platform
  • Additional anonymization processes within platform

Data Privacy

TruFactor has collaborated with consumer advocacy groups and incorporated guidelines from multiple federal government agencies to define industry-leading practices for data governance.

The platform is designed “privacy-first”: 1) Consumer consent is at the foundation; 2) Processing and filtering for privacy compliance occur before even ingestion in platform; 3) Further anonymization processed implemented within platform.

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