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Restaurant Location Data

Restaurant location data is geographic information about every restaurant in a certain location. Restaurant-owners, marketers and investors use this to locate sites for new restaurants, optimize their location-based marketing strategy, and pinpoint sales opportunities.

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Restaurant Multi-camera CCTV Dataset

by Automaton AI
This dataset will help train models on Pose Estimation, Restaurant Foot Traffic Analysis, Food Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, etc.
Volume10K Images
Use CaseMachine Learning (ML), Sentiment Analysis + 3 more
Pricing available upon request
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Based in Australia

POIDB is an Australian data provider offering Point-of-Interest (POI) Data for over 485 major brand chains across Australia. Industries include Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Variety Stores, Appa...


Based in United States of America

GeoWize is dedicated to helping retail businesses make informed location choices and to grow their businesses through comprehensive market and competitive intelligence. We have priced our products ...


Based in Sweden

PinMeTo is a data provider offering Restaurant Location Data, Business Listings Data, and Address Data. They are headquartered in Sweden.

Based in United States of America is a data provider offering Restaurant Data and Restaurant Location Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.
Precisely is a data provider offering Point of Interest (POI) Data, Business Location Data, Store Location Data, Restaurant Location Data, and POI Visitation Data.

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  # What is Restaurant Location Data?
Restaurant location data is information about the geographic data of a restaurant in the vicinity. This data includes the complete address, owners, types of restaurants, and their competitors. The data may be in the form of address or geocodes – longitude and latitude. This data requires verification and authentication from authorities to avoid fraud. Restaurant location data is based on the registered application forms of new restaurant owners – renewals are also part of the data. This data enables marketers to create a location-based marketing strategy.

How is Restaurant Location Data collected?

Restaurant location data is collected through many sources. These sources include official websites, social media platforms, local tax revenue offices, and business registration authorities. These sources, in the form of a list or charts, are gathered and analyzed to create datasets. These datasets undergo data cleansing and filtering to eliminate duplications and incomplete data. Then, data is organized and compiled for data storage.

# What are the typical attributes of Restaurant Location Data?
Restaurant location data has many attributes. Here are some typical attributes:

• Owner information – this refers to data of the owner, type of restaurant, geographic location, capital, and contact details.
• Competitors – this refers to competitors that offer the same foods or similar style in a location and years of operation.
• Customer information – refers to data of the customers, buying patterns, and purchasing power.
• Sales – this refers to the overall income minus the expenses of the restaurant. This is organized via locations and the number of customers.  

What is Restaurant Location Data used for?

Restaurant location data is used for location-based marketing. Marketers and investors use this data to target a specific location based on food preferences. This data also helps investors pinpoint sales opportunities. Marketers also use this data for leads and lead generation. Restaurant location data helps investors gain insights into possible business partnerships among restaurant owners. This data also helps build customer relations and improvement of overall customer experience.  

How can a user assess the quality of Restaurant Location Data?

To assess the quality of restaurant location data, users must ask providers where they got their data and what processes involve in creating their datasets. Good quality data must be accurate and reliable. Sources must have credibility and must be real-time. Since many restaurants are constantly opening whislt others are going bankrupt, data updating must also be observed. Aside from that, data providers must offer customer service information in case questions are raised and for feedback. Users may read online reviews to ensure credibility and ask for a data sample to counter-check its location validity.

Who are the best Restaurant Location Data providers?

Finding the right Restaurant Location Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Restaurant Location Data providers that you might want to buy Restaurant Location Data from are POIDB, Geowize, PinMeTo,, and Precisely.

Where can I buy Restaurant Location Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Restaurant Location Data products and samples. Popular Restaurant Location Data products and datasets available on our platform are Restaurant Multi-camera CCTV Dataset by Automaton AI .

How can I get Restaurant Location Data?

You can get Restaurant Location Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Restaurant Location Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Restaurant Location Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Restaurant Location Data?

Restaurant Location Data is similar to Store Location Data, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Data, POI Visitation Data, and Business Location Data. These data categories are commonly used for Point of Interest (POI) Mapping and Restaurant Location Data analytics.

What are the most common use cases for Restaurant Location Data?

The top use cases for Restaurant Location Data are Point of Interest (POI) Mapping and Point of Interest (POI) Marketing.

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