Point of Interest (POI) Marketing

POI marketing refers to campaigns which consider relevant POIs - stores, restaurants, malls, landmarks, airports etc. It's used in geotargeting, OOH and DOOH campaigns so that ads are served in locations with high levels of footfall and where the target audience often visits.
Our Data Partners
Point-of-Interest (POI) Data - India 20 Million icon
20 Million
Point-of-Interest (POI) Data - India 95% Accuracy by Location & Attributes icon
95% Accuracy by Location & Attributes
Point-of-Interest (POI) Data - India India covered icon
India covered
DCS has extensive experience in developing, updating, and maintaining high quality points of interest (POI) and accurate street databases that support in-car...
Geolytica USA Points of Interest Dataset 8.44M records icon
8.44M records
Geolytica USA Points of Interest Dataset 98% Coverage icon
98% Coverage
Geolytica USA Points of Interest Dataset USA covered icon
USA covered
This is a complete Point of Interest (POI) Dataset for USA as of August 2022 containing 8,441,101 records geocoded with rooftop accuracy. The data is categor...
Xtract.io - POI data (Point-of-Interest ) | Locations data  | 3M POIs in US and Canada 3.05M Locations icon
3.05M Locations
Xtract.io - POI data (Point-of-Interest ) | Locations data  | 3M POIs in US and Canada 96% Accuracy icon
96% Accuracy
Xtract.io - POI data (Point-of-Interest ) | Locations data  | 3M POIs in US and Canada 2 countries covered icon
2 countries covered
This product consists of point-of-interest data for retail, automotive, food, dining, and healthcare industries in US and Canada. Other industries that can...
POIDB POI (Point-of-Interest) Data in Australia: Australian Shopping Centres Australia covered icon
Australia covered
This Dataset contains over 1500 major Shopping Centres across Australia. Each Shopping Centre has the following data:- Title Managed / Owned By C...
Quadrant Point-of-Interest (POI) Data - POI Data USA with custom, on-demand attributes USA covered icon
USA covered
Quadrant’s POI Data-as-a-Service provides geospatial applications a contextual layer of comprehensive and actionable information on landmarks, key features, ...
Social Media Interests by PREDIK Data-Driven 240 countries covered icon
240 countries covered
Social Media Interests by PREDIK Data-Driven 3 years of historical data icon
3 years of historical data
This dataset that consists of one record per social media interest for each 500x500m quadrant in a given area with an estimated number of users that showed i...
datarade.ai - Predik Data-driven profile banner
Predik Data-driven
Based in Costa Rica
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
Updated & consistent
Latam, US, Asia Markets
Strict & precise controls
datarade.ai - Quadrant profile banner
Based in Singapore
Our high-quality mobile location data power companies products, solutions and services. Our data is derived from SDKs to collect granular location datasets. ...
Coverage in over 200 Countries
Billion Events / Month
datarade.ai - Xtract profile banner
Based in USA
Xtract.io POI database consists of over 6 million locations from 5,000+ companies across 100+ industries. We also create Polygons for given locations across ...
locations data
datarade.ai - Locationscloud profile banner
Based in USA
Locationscloud is the headmost locations Data scraping Service provider around the globe. Our location Intelligence service serves accurate and up-to-date da...
datarade.ai - Geolytica profile banner
Based in Canada
We provide the most up to date global point of interest dataset with over 100 million pois worldwide, updated continuously.
datarade.ai - AI Keyboard profile banner
AI Keyboard
Based in India
AI Keyboard
Bobble AI is transforming conversations of over 30 million users and counting. It includes speech-to-text capabilities and is accessible in approximately 100...