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In a world of information overload, Yewno uses artificial intelligence to create knowledge from structured and unstructured data, linking and mapping concepts for levels of never-before insight. This cutting-edge technology, known as the Yewno Knowledge Graph, is currently being applied across Financial Services, Education, Publishing, Government, and Life Sciences to deliver products and solutions that change the way the world processes information and makes decisions.

United States of America

Data Offering


Yewno has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Yewno to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Idea Generation: The “Concept Exposure Data Feed” will allow you to select
securities exposed to certain concepts by defining the theme as well as the
underlying source.

Risk Management: The “Concept Exposure Data Feed” will allow you to
understand company’s exposure to negative concepts like “Trade War”.
“Brexit”, “Litigation” and many more. You will be able to select your source
and understand hidden risks within your portfolio.

Research: The “Concept Exposure Data Feed” will allow you to empower your
research. It can help you understand emerging trends in the market, themes
that are emerging, companies’ relationships exposures and more…

Flexibility: The “Concept Exposure Data Feed” will allow you to have
unlimited flexibility.

  • Select your Content Source (Global News, Official Filings, Company
    Transcripts, Patents, Clinical Trials)
  • Select your Concepts
  • Select your Universe
  • Select your Score (Importance, Page Rank, Similarity, Aggregated)

Geo Coverage

Europe (2)
United Kingdom
North America (1)
United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

The Yewno Concept Exposures Data leverages the Knowledge Graph layers
corresponding to the following content sources:

• Global Mainstream News
• US Official Filings
• US Transcripts
• Global Patents
• Clinical Trials

Key Differentiators

Visual graphs are used to arrange multiple data points in an intuitive and useful interface, with features including inference generation, event classification, and market structure analysis.

Data Privacy


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