Catchment Area Analysis

A catchment area refers to the physical space around a POI (venue, restaurant or retail store) in which a customer can be targeted and encouraged to visit. Demographic factors and rival POIs determine how large the area is. The larger the catchment area, the stronger the POI.
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Submit your own polygons and time range and receive back a list of the unique Gravy mobile device identifiers (GRIDs) observed at that location during that t...
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Risk is broken into 5 categories- No Risk, Possible Minor Flooding, Probably Minor Flooding, Flooding, and More Significant Flooding.
HERE Routing
by MBI Geodata
MBI Geodata
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Provide precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (e.g., car, EV, truck, public transit, bicycle) with detailed turn-by-turn instru...
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Gravy Analytics
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MBI Geodata
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