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Our Data Partners
Advanced TV Audience
by PreciseTarget
220M shoppers
99% of US population
1 country covered
We offer proven and unique TV optimized audience segments based on customer tastes, the key driver of buying decisions.
Data Appeal API
by The Data Appeal Company
The Data Appeal Company
300 Million Pieces of Online Content Analyzed Each Day
51 countries covered
The world’s most advanced POI and location data. Tap into our data lake on-demand and integrate our data with your business intelligence applications and pla...
Data labeling services
by Automaton AI
Automaton AI
240 countries covered
Automaton AI Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. is in business to provide Data labeling as s service. We have developed our custom inbuilt data-labeling tool which reduces...
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Based in USA
Adstra is the new data model for the data-driven enterprise. Adstra comprises a comprehensive suite of portable data and identity solutions. We can ingest an... - Every Market Media profile banner
Every Market Media
Based in USA
Every Market Media
Every Market Media is an email centric marketing data compiler and data services consultant that helps customers solve data problems using vertical expertise...
Unique B2B Emails
Verification Every 120 Days
Deliverable Opt-in B2C Emails - PreciseTarget profile banner
Based in USA
PreciseTarget is the first data-science company to machine learn over 5 billion retail transactions to map the shopping Tastes of 220 million Americans. Prec...
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