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Stock picking refers to the activity where systematic analytics are used to identify particular stocks that are considered good investments. Analysts and investors use often a combination of market, company, and alternative data sources to identify stocks with the best returns.
Our Data Partners
1K stocks covered
USA covered
10 years of historical data
Brain Machine Learning Stock Rankings are generated daily and based on the predicted future returns of a dynamic universe of the largest 1,000 US stocks acro...
95% match rate
240 countries covered
Extract detailed stock market information including historical prices, current prices, and trends — from the stock market websites of any country. We also...
18K Securities
54 countries covered
11 years of historical data
Daily/Monthly Total Dollar Flow-sum of monthly stock allocations and monthly/daily fund flows. Average Allocation-Equal/Fund-weighted average percentage allo...
104 countries covered
15 years of historical data
Tradefeeds Stock Market Index API is a format of obtaining stock market index data. The data on stock market indices captures more than 40 national stock exc...
16 countries covered
20 years of historical data
Stock Market Index API by Finnworlds is a data delivery method that allows you to get instantly stock market index data. The data coverage focuses on highly ...
500K records
99.99% accuracy
USA covered
Our data offer consists of financial market data feeds from US listed equities from NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX, the dataset covers: • Open, Close, Adjusted clo... - EPFR Global profile banner
EPFR Global
Based in USA
EPFR Global
EPFR’s Flows and Allocations data provides a unique view on investor and fund manager sentiment across global markets, helping buy and sell-side institutions...
25 years
Data sourced direct from
$50 Tr
Tracked AUM - Brain Company profile banner
Brain Company
Based in Italy
Brain Company
BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong...
NLP Platform
Based in Bulgaria
Finnworlds is a data provider offering Intraday Stock Data, Stock Fundamental Data, Company Data, Stock Market Sentiment Data, and 18 others. They are headqu... - Ziggma profile banner
Based in USA
Ziggma’s mission is to take the complexity out of portfolio management and investment research. Managing one or several investment portfolios is complex and...
FirstRate Data
Based in USA
FirstRate Data
FirstRate Data LLC is a Delaware-registered corporation based in Chicago. We are focused on providing traders and analysts with high-resolution historical da... - Yacodata profile banner
Based in Morocco
Data Distribution Services: We provide relevant data for your needs - no software, hardware or fetching skills need - we do the job as you request. Machine ...