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Stock picking refers to the activity where systematic analytics are used to identify particular stocks that are considered good investments. Analysts and investors use often a combination of market, company, and alternative data sources to identify stocks with the best returns.
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1K stocks covered
1 country covered
10 years of historical data
Brain Machine Learning Stock Rankings are generated daily and based on the predicted future returns of a dynamic universe of the largest 1,000 US stocks acro...
1 country covered
10 years of historical data
We provide automated and unbiased fundamental analysis on 2,500+ US stocks empowered by cutting-edge data processing technology. Our clients benefit from aff...
Short Interest Data
by Exchange Data International
Exchange Data International
33 countries covered
Exchange Data International provides short interest data for a number of global markets.
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Brain Company
Based in Italy
Brain Company
BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong...
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Exchange Data International
Based in United Kingdom
Exchange Data International
With EDI you get high quality, affordable financial data customized to precisely fit your operational requirements.
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Quant IP
Based in Germany
Quant IP
We give business and financial experts access to the information treasure hidden in global data bases. We discover technology trends and make it possible to ...
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