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What is Short-Term Rental Data?

Short term rental data is information about rooms, apartments, and other vacancies that are available for short time rent. It's mostly used by the hospitality industry e.g. in competitor price analysis. Datarade helps you find the right data providers and datasets.Learn more

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Airbnb data | 2021 Occupancy, Daily rate, active listings | Per country, city, zipcode

by Airbtics
This short-term rental dataset is grouped in a monthly granularity. What makes your data unique? ... Short-term rental investor: Identify profitable areas. Do you cover country X or city Y?
Available for 249 countries
12 months of historical data
Starts at
$200 / purchase
Free sample preview

Car Rental Data Scrape | Grepsr

by Grepsr
Car Rental data consists of the daily updates of availability and prices of different models of cars ... Rental businesses are thriving and are in high demand across industries for a variety of applications
Available for 249 countries
99% Match Rate
Pricing available upon request

Airbnb data for research purpose

by Airbtics
These are some of the data sets we’ve offered to our previous researcher clients. ... 2021 June Time granularity: Monthly Location granularity: Individual listing Guest Origin data
Available for 249 countries
10 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request
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Based in USA
From understanding customers' requirements to the final delivery, we take extra precautions to serve nothing but the most accurate and reliable data. Our dat...
Records per day
Web sources per day
Data accuracy - Airbtics profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
We use a rigorous scientific approach to collect and process the data and validate them on a scale using qualitative research and AI.
6 Million
Airbnb Data
Countries Covered
customised regions
Key Data Dashboard
Based in USA
Key Data Dashboard
Key Data Dashboard provides business intelligence and benchmarking tools for the vacation rental space. Through a seamless integration with property manageme... - Transparent Intelligence profile banner
Transparent Intelligence
Based in Spain
Transparent Intelligence
Transparent analyse 35 million Airbnb, Vrbo & vacation rental listings worldwide to deliver powerful and actionable data insights.
Based in USA
AirDNA turns short-term rental data into strategic, actionable analytics. As the world's leading provider of short-term vacation rental data and analytics, w...
Based in USA
AllTheRooms is a data provider offering Demographic Data, In-Market Audience Data, Vacation Rental Data, Short-Term Rental Data, and 2 others. They are headq...

The Ultimate Guide to Short-Term Rental Data 2022

Learn about short-term rental data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Short-Term Rental Data?

Short-term rental data is part of the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism dataset. It provides an insight the world of short-terms rentals, such as pricing, availability and competition. It answers many main questions for people looking to get started in the short-term rental market and helps them maximise the profitability of their rental.

What counts as a Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rental is commonly referred to as a lease for a period of fewer than six months. They are also based on a monthly leasing arrangement, which may be extended at the end of each month. While monthly agreements are the most common, they can be made weekly or sometimes less than one week in the case of holiday rentals. Short-term rentals are most common in places of high demand and limited rental property availability, since property owners can be more specific about who they want as tenants, and can use short-term rental data analysis to change the rent at the end of each short lease term at a competitive price.

How is Short-Term Rental Data collected?

Short-term rental data uses websites such as AirBnB to provide analytics on the scope of short-term rental activity in different areas across the world. It is collected through consumer input, such as reviews, and host information, such as photos and availabilities which is then collated to give you an insight in the short-term rental market.

What are the attributes of Short-Term Rental Data?

There are many different aspects to short-term rental data from both the consumer and host side of the operation.
Consumer side data - This can include reviews and shared experiences as well as basic data such as costs paid and nights stayed.
Host side data - This includes property availabilities, property size and features as well as nightly rates. Occupancy rates are a main feature, especially historical occupancy rates, and are key to maximising the profitability of your property. This short-term rental data can also be refined to show data for a specific country or area to ensure that your property is actively competing with others locally.

What are Airbnb statistics for 2020?

Airbnb statistics for 2020 include the following:

• Airbnb provides listings in more than 191 cities.
• Airbnb has about 150 million users.
• Airbnb has more than five million listings worldwide.

• 11 percent of more than 500,000 U.S. listings are reserved for a night.
• Airbnb users can book a property from 1.9 million listings at any given time.

• There’s a million-dollar premium coverage for the Airbnb host.
• Financial data reveals that the average total cost of an Airbnb rental is $160.47.

The cost of renting an average home on Airbnb is cheaper than a single hotel bed. With Airbnb growing at an accelerated pace, conventional hotel bookings is having to compete for business. More Airbnb hosts and hotel owners are turning to commercial short-term rental data from data marketplaces to stay ahead of competition.

What is occupnacy rate?

The occupancy rate for short-term holiday rentals is the number of nights rented divided by the total number of nights available. This rate helps owners consider developments in the short-term rental market and is also used to analyze hotel and resort properties. Occupancy rates can even be extended to apartment houses, hospital facilities, or even whole neighborhoods to gauge underlying economic activity and developments. Occupancy rates allow property owners to measure pricing by producing historical short term rental data that can be used for rational pricing decisions. i.e. to examine the amount of bookings for the respective dates of the intervening years. This helps easily detect patterns and cycles of increased or reduced demand across a given time period, as well the relationship between occupancy rate and rooms which are offered at a higher or lower price.

How do Short-Term Rental Data providers calculate occupancy rate?

When evaluating a short-term rental property to evaluate its investment potential, it is crucial that you measure the rate of occupancy of the property before making your decisions, so that you have an effective short-term rental data analysis. Occupancy Rate Formula = Number of nights booked/Number of nights available. The number of nights booked is the number of days your short-term rental property was booked and leased that year, while the number of nights available can be simply defined as the number of days your investment property was made available for rent that year. This involves the number of days that were booked or filled with short-term real-time rental data generated by each action.

What is Short-Term Rental Data used for?

Businesses and property owners use short-term rental data to ensure that their properties are actively keeping up with the competitive market. This data can be useful for established renters or people looking to get started in the market. For example, nightly rate data can show how your costs compare to those of properties around you and reviews can tell you what consumers are looking for or the extent of the demand for short-term rentals in your area. This dataset will help you make informed decisions that will improve the porfitability of your property on the short-term rental market.

What is Vacation Rental Data analysis?

Vacation rental data analysis is the method of gathering short-term real-time rental data, evaluating historical short-term rental data, and assembling short-term rental data in order to draw useful conclusions. Vacation rental data processing is used to extract knowledge from a number of short-term rental data reports that paint an image of just what’s going on in the market. With this knowledge at their fingertips, short-term rental owners can make informed pricing choices, tailor their availability to industry patterns, and prepare for future market developments.

Does Airbnb sell data?

Airbnb does not sell user data. However, short-term rental data providers have developed ways to scrape data from their website to compile in a short-term commercial rental dataset in a privacy-compliant manner. Companies are gathering this data from various sources in many ways. Data vendors and businesses use a variety of collection approaches and channels to gather and analyze Airbnb data and performance metrics, with interest in data forms ranging from demographic data to behavioral data for short-term rental data analysis.

What is Airbnb data mining?

Data mining is typically a method used by businesses to translate raw data into usable information. By using algorithms to search for trends in vast batches of data, companies may understand more about their clients in order to create more successful marketing campaigns, improve revenue, and cut costs. Airbnb data mining is used to illustrate the relationship between commercial short-term rental datasets for short-term rental data analysis and also to demonstrate that the cost of listing is generally compatible with the position ratings. Highly-ranked places often happen to be the most expensive - the key for short-term rental owners is finding the optimum price point for their offering and target market.

How can a user assess the quality of Short-Term Rental Data?

It is important to make sure that the dataset you choose is up to date with the latest information due to constantly evolving nature of the short-term rental sphere. Typically, longer term historical data may not be available due to the more recent boom in this market, but Historical Occupancy rates are key to the best short-term rental datasets. Always make sure to check the data provider’s reviews before buying any Hospitality data and ask for a data sample before buying to ensure that their data matches your business’ needs.

Where can I buy Short-Term Rental Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Short-Term Rental Data products and samples. Popular Short-Term Rental Data products and datasets available on our platform are Airbnb data | 2021 Occupancy, Daily rate, active listings | Per country, city, zipcode by Airbtics, Car Rental Data Scrape | Grepsr by Grepsr, and Airbnb data for research purpose by Airbtics.

How can I get Short-Term Rental Data?

You can get Short-Term Rental Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Short-Term Rental Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Short-Term Rental Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

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