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13 Results Vehicle data — 200 million vehicles

by Bufte
new records every day 30 years of historical vehicle data DATA USAGE: Vehicle check (even the ... A unique dataset of vehicle data collected from 800 state sources: daily/weekly updates up-to-date
Available for 27 countries
4B records
15 years of historical data
100% match rate
Starts at
$0.10 / record
Free sample available
35% revenue share

Connected Mobility & Live Vehicle Tracking Data Probes for India, Kenya, Nigeria & Cameroon - Anonymized

by Zeliot Connected Services
• Real time traffic analysis • Optimization of vehicle performance • Vehicle health • Infrastructure ... conditions Mobility data probes collected by various fleet of vehicles Data probes contain: • Session
Available for 4 countries
500 million records per month
6 months of historical data
80% match rate
Pricing available upon request

Trip Data / Aggregated data elements of vehicle trip from ignition on to ignition off.

by Nextraq
Trip Data • Aggregated data elements of vehicle trip (from ignition on to ignition off) • Trip begin ... • Aggregated data elements of vehicle trip (from ignition on to ignition off) • Trip begin and end date
Available for 2 countries
4.25B distinct mobile records
5 years of historical data
100% distinct mobile records
Starts at
$6,750 / purchase
Free sample available

Automotive Data - Reach Automotive Industry Executives With Our Robust Automotive Data - Global Coverage

by Blue Mail Media
Towing Vehicle Location Data Commercial Vehicle Data Car Data And more ! ... Parts Industry Automotive Maintenance Abrasives Manufacturing Tire Wholesalers and Dealers Motor Vehicle
Available for 183 countries
100 Million Verified Records
3 years of historical data
95% Deliverability Rate
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License

MariTrace Global Vessel Tracking Platform

by MariTrace
Vessel Database Each vessel has up to 35 data attributes including management data, position history, ... Advance Map Interface Use an intuitive map interface that can be enhanced with 40 different data overlays
Available for 249 countries
1.8M signals per hour
6 years of historical data
Available Pricing:
Monthly License
Yearly License
Usage-based - Blue Mail Media profile banner
Blue Mail Media
Based in USA
Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media's customized data marketing solutions will help businesses to thrive good results and achieve better ROI of marketing campaigns.
10 Yrs
Clients Served
Business Records - MariTrace profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
We process trillions of maritime data points (including AIS data) to measure how vessels and cargos move around the world. From assessing risk to understandi...
Vessel signals per hour
Commercial vessels tracked
Vessel port calls logged - Nextraq profile banner
Based in USA
NexTraq, a Michelin group company, is a part of Michelin’s Global Services and Solutions business line. A key part of Michelin’s international telematics off...
20 years
Vehicles tracked
Per day - EVSE Insights profile banner
EVSE Insights
Based in USA
EVSE Insights
We provide EV charging station (EVSE) utilization, session, and metadata.
Historical and present data
Multiple networks
For new locations - Zeliot Connected Services profile banner
Zeliot Connected Services
Based in India
Zeliot Connected Services
ZELIOT is a new age company consisting a group of young and zealous individuals with a passion to innovate and build awesome products. Our connected mobility...
real time data - Bufte profile banner
Based in USA
A unique dataset of vehicle data collected from 800 state sources: - daily/weekly updates - up-to-date and historical data - over 800 state only sources...
vehicle profiles
new records every day
trusted data sources

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Location Data 2021

Learn about vehicle location data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Vehicle Location Data?

Vehicle location data refers to data points collected on a vehicle. This can be the VIN number, make, model, color, and other specific attributes of the car that makes it identifiable. The address of where the vehicle is normally housed is also added to the data. This information is usually compiled into a database that provides more insight into the use of the vehicle, where it frequenlty travels to, and also where it can be found should something happen to it, or if the owner does not make their payments. This information is important also for the businesses and corporations that build and sell vehicles, as they want to ensure that they are making enough, pricing them creectly, and selling them at the optimum price points.

How is Vehicle Location Data collected?

The vehicle location data is collected either by a private party or through a database. When the vehicle is purchased or transferred, the information from this is then sent to a database that collects all of this data, usually with a local authority or government vehicle registration body. The VIN number of the vehicle when it is registered also goes into a database along with the description. This information can then be found by those companies who need to know more about the specific vehicle and where to find it.

What are the attributes of Vehicle Location Data?

Vehicle location data has specific attributes. The vehicle’s VIN number is the most important identifying factor of the vehicle that can be used and stored. In addition to this, you can expect the make, model, color, and other specifics of the vehicle to be also present in the database. The location of the vehicle can refer to where it is usually housed or parked, as well as where it travels to and from regularly. There may be other notes added to the information, such as how frequently the vehicle changes location and for what purpose.

What is Vehicle Location Data used for?

The data is used by those who repossess vehicles, or big corporations who want to use the data to see how long vehicles last, who buys them, their prices, and more. This is important data for many businesses to have, especially those who manufacture and sell vehicles. With this, they know which to make more of or sell due to the demand of who has what and in which area they are more likely to buy that specific type of vehicle.

How can a user assess the quality of Vehicle Location Data?

The quality of the information on the vehicle location that has been gathered should be assessed. In order to find out where the data came from, or if it is accurate, it has to be swept and verified. This will ensure that the information is up to date and that there has not been a change. The changes that can take part include an address change or taking the vehicle off the road. Swapping owners of the vehicle is also common. The accuracy of the information is the number one way to find out if the information is on the higher quality end of the spectrum.

Who are the best Vehicle Location Data providers?

Finding the right Vehicle Location Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Vehicle Location Data providers that you might want to buy Vehicle Location Data from are Blue Mail Media, MariTrace, Nextraq, EVSE Insights, and Zeliot Connected Services.

Where can I buy Vehicle Location Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Vehicle Location Data products and samples. Popular Vehicle Location Data products and datasets available on our platform are Vehicle data — 200 million vehicles by Bufte, NexTraq GeoSpatial Vehicle Tracking Data for US and Canada (1.2M Vehicles) by Nextraq, and EVSE Electric Vehicle Charging Station Metadata for United States by EVSE Insights.

How can I get Vehicle Location Data?

You can get Vehicle Location Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Vehicle Location Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Vehicle Location Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Vehicle Location Data?

Vehicle Location Data is similar to Commercial Vehicle Data and Car Data. These data categories are commonly used for Asset Tracking.

What are the most common use cases for Vehicle Location Data?

The top use cases for Vehicle Location Data are Asset Tracking.