Lead Generation Engine

The LGE dataset boosts the sales and marketing team by lead scoring,lead validation,etc. It runs on campaigning structure where leads are scored within your target audience specification. We can generate MQL,SQL, and BANT qualification leads.

Data Fit

Use Cases


Lead Generation

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

B2B Marketing

Direct Marketing

Based on

B2B Leads Data

B2B Marketing Data

Intent Data


Product Type
Pricing Models
One-off purchase, Monthly subscription, Yearly subscription, Usage Based
Historic Data
90 days of past data available
5K MQL/ monthly, 2K BANT Qualification, 1K SQL
100% call recordings provided, 100% valid emails
Suitable for
Enterprises, Mid Market, Small Businesses

Geo Coverage

Covered Continents

Africa, Antartica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania


With an in-house staff of 70 and a database of 23 million records, our capacity for lead scoring and pipeline building has become one of the widely chosen services in our portfolio. By utilizing phone, email and digital channels, we assure we find you the people who are keen to learn more about your products and services. ABM, BANT qualification, content syndication, telemarketing or account profiling are among the challenges we solve. Every month we generate 000’s of leads for our clients to ensure their pipeline stays healthy and keeping their sales and marketing team occupied and engaged with the right customers.

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