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Algoly allows you to control large & complex data sets in one unified data stream. Get consistent, high qualitative data, manipulate it with a large variety of techniques, and publish it where suits you best.

Shop through our vast library of geolocation-, urban city-, demographic-, and sociographic-data categories, and mix & match your data selection into one unified data stream.

At Algoly our mission is to give you frictionless access to all data. Our pricing reflects this, you are only charged for the data you use, with no set up fees, and no long term contracts!

United States of America

Data Offering

Point of Interest (POI) DataDemographic DataTourist Attraction Data


We have a pay as you use pricing policy with a $100 minimum charge per month. Prices per data stream can be as low as $0.001 per API call or per performed search.

Use Cases

Use cases built through our services vary - We have seen customers build

  • Location studies for real estate investment analysis. Data used: Income level, educational level, rental costs, avg purchase cost, distance to supermarket, and many more.
  • Dating app for dog lovers. Data used: dog parks, animal stores, and animal grooming stores
  • Neighborhood search engines. Data used: Density of Cafés around, avg living cost, school rating, etc.
  • Automated travel itinerary. Data used: Hotel prices, attractions around, airport location, location of Cafés/bars/museums, etc.

Geo Coverage

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United Kingdom
North America (1)
United States of America

Data Sources & Collection

We source the data from vetted and high qualitative data broker and let you create your unified data stream amongst all of their selection.

Key Differentiators

We are different because:

  • Choose from multiple data source and build you custom unified data stream
  • Use one of our off the shelf algorithms to enrich the selected data without coding.
  • Pay only as much as you use.
  • Month to month contracts
  • High quality and vetted data
  • Clean and easy to understand output formats which can be used immediately

Data Privacy

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