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Barchart is a leading provider of market data and services to the global financial, media, and commodity industries. Our solutions makes it easy for you to create your own financial products, tools, services, and front to back-office management.

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Use Cases

Make better grain marketing decisions, build tighter relationships, and drive brand engagement by deploying the most effective tools. Get data, prices, news, and workflow solutions from the leader in agriculture.

Attract, engage, and retain your customers with high-quality market data and financial tools. Our hosted digital content and tools supercharge your products with a repsonsive, mobile-first design; while our APIs for global exchange data can power your entire operation for less than you thought possible.

Power your workflow with high-quality energy data. With global coverage of energy content across futures, cash, and fundamentals - all delivered through the tools you need - Barchart has the scale to drive the most sophisticated trading operation.

Financial Services
Our tools for financial services let you focus on the things that matter most – your customers and prospects. We deliver engaging and customized content that tells the story of your products, while saving you the cost and resources required to build and maintain this infrastructure in-house.

Food & Beverage
Forecasting demand, understanding price, and de-risking your supply chain is a must across consumer products, industrial manufacturing, and retail workflows. Get the same commodity management tools that trading and service organizations trust for their businesses.

From fully managed, bespoke financial portals, to easily integrated widgets, our solutions can power your customer facing application with dynamic data, tools, and market intelligence. Transform complex financial information into engaging and interactive experiences with Barchart’s Digital Solutions.

The financial tools, information, and high-quality market data you need - all seamlessly and cohesively integrated with your workflow. Our consolidated global exchange data can get you started faster than you thought possible. Power your products with data, analytics, charting, and news from Barchart.

Wealth Management
Provide your users with access to the financial tools, information, and high-quality market data they need. Use our content and tools to create engaging user experiences for your clients, and discover how our broad data library can level-up your research and analysis capabilities.

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