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CIBI Information, Inc., also known as CIBI, is at the forefront of financial inclusion. By being the Philippines’​ first and only local credit bureau since 1982, CIBI is nurturing its expertise through its vast affiliation, effective methods and renowned credibility, validated by esteemed clients and recognized by the Philippine government.

Through its partnership with internationally-acclaimed consumer credit score providers, CIBI is a premiere source of globally-accepted credit scores to support the financial growth of every Filipino, locally and abroad.

CIBI knows every Juan better and aims to contribute in the growth of the economy by transforming the “unbanked”​ into bankable individuals. Our credit scoring system is derived from robust local data that makes it an effective tool in supporting efficient credit channel facilities for financial institutions; easing loan application approvals; and helping the development of MSMEs.

CIBI is your local gateway for credit information and background checking services expertly designed to global standards.

Because in transforming the lives if every Filipinos, there is only one credit bureau you can trust.

Pricing Information provided by CIBI Information, Inc.

Full Business Report with Financial Benchmarking (5 years) 120.00
Full Business Reports 100.00
Financial Statement (FS) 40.00
Basic Corporate Profile (BCP) 40.00
BCP with latest FS 50.00
Negative Records Check 20.00
Registration Check (Articles of Incorporation or General Information Sheet) 20.00
Media Search 40.00

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