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Data Offering

Real-Time Market Data and Analysis for the Telecom Industry

Using proprietary data methodologies, Comlinkdata can observe the behaviors of telecom consumers in real-time, to empower our clients to make better operational and strategic decisions. Based in Boston with development offices in Montreal, the Comlinkdata team is comprised of data architects and scientists, product designers and telecom industry thought leaders.

Pricing Information provided by Comlinkdata

Full service data platform, and client analytics support team: $150,000/year

Covered Geographies

Americas (1)
United States of America

Key Differentiators

U.S. focused, with over 600 ISPs
Free from sell-side bias
Known for strong predictive value to shareholder KPIs, such as Net Additions and Subscriber counts
Technology segments by service territory (DSL, vDSL, Fiber, etc)


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Use Cases

For Hedge Funds: Track broadband switching between Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which enables us to measure subscriber net add trends and Shareholder KPIs from quarterly earnings reports.

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