Freckle IoT Competitors & Alternatives

Looking for the best Location Data provider for your business? Better play the field. Discover data-driven solutions for Location Verification. Find reviews for Freckle IoT left by Datarade users, and compare Freckle IoT’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. Predicio, Irys, SafeGraph, and Skyhook are the top competitors and alternatives to Freckle IoT.

Top Alternatives to Freckle IoT

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to Freckle IoT


Based in France

Mobile location DaaS provider helping companies and organizations to understand the behavior of mobile users in the real world.


Based in United States of America

Irys is a data provider offering Location Data and Alternative Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.


Based in United States of America

SafeGraph is a data company. That's it - that's all we do. We predict the past. We want to understand how humans interact with the physical world. We are a market leader in accurate location data. ...


Based in United States of America

Founded in 2003, Skyhook invented the industry-standard hybrid positioning technology. Today, the company holds over 650 patents and has a global coverage network of over 5 billion Wi-Fi access po...


Based in United Kingdom

Locomizer Ltd is an award winning global leader in the application of biological science and spatial analytics to help classify multiple different types of human behaviour. Backed by more than 10 ...


Based in United States of America

Cuebiq is a data provider offering Brand Affinity Data, Seasonal Audience Data, Identity Graph Data, Mobile Location Data, Demographic Data, Location Data, Consumer Behavior Data, Consumer Lifestyl...


Based in United States of America

Unacast is an award-winning human mobility data company that harnesses anonymous device location data, map data, and strategic intelligence to tackle business challenges for the retail, real estate...

Based in Poland

Providing top brands with useful location-based data for marketing and insights about their offline customers. Thanks to the biggest coverage in Poland (over 3 million active users) and partnership...

Reveal Mobile

Based in United States of America

Reveal Mobile is a leader in location-based analytics, audiences, and foot traffic attribution. Customizable reporting helps enterprises, brands and agencies easily understand the audiences that vi...


Based in United States of America

Our goal is to create a living map for your life. We are building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today. With our network, the X-Mode platform gives us the power to...

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What are the best alternatives to Freckle IoT?

Predicio, Irys, SafeGraph, Skyhook, Locomizer, Cuebiq, Unacast,, Reveal Mobile, and X-Mode