Hivewyre Competitors & Alternatives

Looking for the best In-Market Audience Data provider for your business? Find reviews for Hivewyre left by Datarade users, and compare Hivewyre’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. BIGDBM, Datonics, Connexity, and Nielsen are the top competitors and alternatives to Hivewyre.

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to Hivewyre


Based in USA

Datonics was the first company to deliver third party audience data to programmatic platforms. Over the past decade, we have developed extensive relationships with shopping sites, product review si...


Based in USA

Connexity is a data provider offering Life Stage Data, Shopping Intent Data, Online Purchase Data, Third-Party Audience Data, Shopper Data, Demographic Data, Interest Data, Seasonal Audience Data, ...


Based in USA

Nielsen is a data provider offering Consumer Data, Purchase Panel Data, Consumer Panel Data, Shopper Data, Ecommerce Data, In-store Data, Interest Data, In-Market Audience Data, Product Ownership D...
Prosper Insights & Analytics is a data provider offering Shopper Data, Alternative Data, In-Market Audience Data, and Consumer Behavior Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.

KD Interactive

Based in USA

KD Interactive is a data provider offering Shopper Data, Second-Party Audience Data, Interest Data, In-Market Audience Data, Mobile App Usage Data, Store Location Data, Social Media Data, and Alter...
Quotient Audiences is a data provider offering Shopper Data, CPG Data, Point-of-Sale (POS) Data, In-Market Audience Data, Purchase Intent Data, and Consumer Purchase Data. They are headquartered in...


Based in USA

Founded in 1969, Acxiom focuses on creating the best possible insights across the most sources of data, effectively harnessing big data about real consumers for recognition, targeting, and measurem...


Based in USA

#Home by Vendigi provides audience data for all things home buyers, home sellers and home ownership. Discover a spectrum of audiences spanning the home ownership lifecycle – from buying a home, to ...


Based in USA

Adstra is the new data model for the data-driven enterprise. Adstra comprises a comprehensive suite of portable data and identity solutions. We can ingest any form of identity, assign a persistent ...

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What are the best alternatives to Hivewyre?

BIGDBM, Datonics, Connexity, Nielsen, Prosper Insights & Analytics, KD Interactive, Quotient Audiences, Acxiom, Vendigi, and Adstra