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Looking for the best Consumer Purchase Data provider for your business? Find reviews for NCSolutions (fka Nielsen Catalina Solutions) left by Datarade users, and compare NCSolutions (fka Nielsen Catalina Solutions)’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. Photon Commerce, MedMine, Above Data, and Nikkei Market Data are the top competitors and alternatives to NCSolutions (fka Nielsen Catalina Solutions).

Top Alternatives to NCSolutions (fka Nielsen Catalina Solutions)

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to NCSolutions (fka Nielsen Catalina Solutions)

Photon Commerce

Based in USA

The company streamlines the collection, processing, validation, and management of purchase data from the receipts, invoices, and payments data of consumers and businesses from physical retail, eCom...


Based in USA

MedMine, is an aggregator of hospital procurement data. We have created the leading database of medical device and hospital-supply purchase data in the United States with coverage of roughly 20% of...

Above Data

Based in USA

Above Data procures and packages unique data assets in a flexible, intuitive and no-code environment allowing you to get quick answers before the competition

Nikkei Market Data

Based in Japan

Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and guarantees high reliability.


Based in USA

AnalyticsIQ is a predictive marketing data company that creates data to understand the complete view of individuals - regardless of whether they are at home or at work. Unique to our data creation...


Based in USA

Killi is the only company in the world allowing consumers control and transparency on their data. An ecosystem of 100+ million profiles, when purchasing data from Killi you are buying directly fro...


Based in United Kingdom

Alqami is a data intermediary, collaborating with a global partner network matching alternative data providers with data users. We specialise in sourcing large, esoteric, data sets and finding ...


Based in India

Vumonic is a market intelligence tool used by strategy, marketing, ecommerce & sales teams to understand consumer, competitive, and market behavior for goods and services sold online. Our platform ...
Shopping. Demographic. Location. Identity. Featuring 8,000 brand- and product-level segments, merchant names and addresses and location data. All data is at the INDIVIDUAL consumer level (not HH l...


Based in Singapore

DataWeave is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to consumer brands and eCommerce businesses, enabling them to compete profitably and accelerate revenue ...

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Photon Commerce, MedMine, Above Data, Nikkei Market Data, AnalyticsIQ, Killi, Alqami, Vumonic, Scanlife by Scanbuy, and DataWeave