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OpenWeather Ltd is a British-based tech company that provides weather and satellite data worldwide. OpenWeather collects and processes raw data from a variety of sources, and gives its customers access to the data archive.
Inspired by companies that make information free and available for everybody, the company was founded in 2014 by Olga Ukolova and Denis Ukolov.
OpenWeather Ltd is self-funded, has been profitable from the start, and funnels efforts into researching and developing new products. It provides several services:
Agricultural API
VANE platform

As of 2020, OpenWeather Ltd has more than 2.4 million customers and supports 2,000 new subscribers per day. This includes Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses globally.

United Kingdom

Data Offering

Agricultural DataWeather DataSatellite DataMap DataAlternative DataClimate Data


You can find our subscription prices and subscribe to “Current weather & forecasts collection” or “Historical weather collection” on our website: OpenWeatherMap
Subscribe to our agricultural APIs that include APIs for satellite imagery, weather data, accumulated parameters, soil and other products based on geodata on the Agro API website page

Use Cases

By today we have accumulated about 0.5 PB of usable satellite imagery plus the vast database of historical, current and forecast weather data that we are using for API for machine learning applications. With this API our customers can develop their own machine learning applications by fitting them with our weather data, satellite imagery data and other environmental data.
We provide our services to several companies from Top 100 Fortune, including IT giants like Google. Our experience allows us to accommodate enquiries from different industries such as consulting, logistics, advertising, trading, agriculture, insurance and many others.


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