10 Best Political & Voter Data Providers

October 06, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Voter sentiment can change on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

As the political landscape grows more unpredictable, it’s crucial for businesses and campaigners to have the most accurate and up-to-date voter intelligence. Only with the most current picture of the voting population’s voting history and issue affinity can they adapt their strategies to the situation on the ground.

The trouble is, this situation is changing constantly. As new registrants sign up to vote and the opinion polls swing between candidates, responding to these developments can mean the difference between election success, and failure.

How can businesses and campaign groups access the most current political and voter data?

Data providers offer voter datasets which are updated in real-time. Political data providers enable voter analytics across a range of geographies and demographics. Up-to-date voter data means businesses and campaigners can anticipate significant political developments and create smart strategies when it matters most.

We’ve created a list of the best political and voter data providers.

The 10 Best Political & Voter Data Providers

Political Data, Inc. has supplied expert political and voter data for over 30 years. The company can provide mail ballot updates statewide on a daily basis. Political Data, Inc.’s voter intelligence is instantly actionable for a range of outreach channels, including direct mail, phone calls, door to door canvassing, email, or online advertising.

Knoq is a data provider trusted by political and non-profit campaigners alike. Knoq’s data is collected from first-hand, face-to-face interactions with 270 million Americans. The company’s voter sentiment insights allow campaign groups to monitor voter registration, voter ID and political ideology covering 97% of the US population.

Aristotle is a political data and technology provider. The company is one of the most trusted sources of voter and consumer data in the industry, with a portfolio of over 213 million US registrants. Alongside this, Aristotle offers its data buyers stringent pre-clearance services, meaning all data exchanged is 100% privacy-compliant.

Catalist is one of the longest running data trusts in progressive politics.
The company provides data exclusively to Democrats for civic engagement. Catalist compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 256 million unique voting-age Americans across all 50 states. Catalist’s data is used for building membership, persuasive messaging, engaging activists, driving issue agendas, and mobilizing voters.

TargetSmart’s VoterBase is a database with profiles for over 191 million voters and 58 million potential voters. TargetSmart enables organizations to roll out highly-integrated and timely digital advertising campaigns based on the most current voter insights and political developments, gathered from TargetSmart’s opinion poll records.

L2 Political is a political data provider which specializes in ‘vote-by-mail’ voter targeting. L2 Political’s database, VoterMapping, can be filtered according to demographic, ZIP code, and behavioral patterns, meaning campaigners can roll out the most targeted and cost-efficient campaigns.

IQM Corporation is a voter data provider. The company predicts voter behavior as they go ‘from their couch to the polls’. In 2018, IQM Corporation activated over 500 digital ad campaigns spanning the entire political spectrum. The company’s data is powerfully accurate and is guaranteed to meet the highest levels of security and privacy.

i360 is a voter and consumer data provider. The company’s database is made up of 270 million unique profiles, and provides insights on voters collected from over 4 billion records a year. i360’s accurate and current data allows users to target voters on a local, state or national level, via grassroots apps and online political activism tools.

Adstra is an identity graph data provider. The company’s Adstra Political dataset is a data product gives users access to the most current voter intelligence available. Adstra update the dataset constantly to include new registrants across districts and states. With Adstra’s voting historical and issue affinity data, organizations can target groups of voters which are most important via highly-personalized communication.

Data Trust provides low cost, high quality political data. The company’s voter database covers 260 million Americans across all 50 states, and is updated daily. Data Trust’s political data inventory has decades of historical coverage and includes historical election results, voter registrations, voter scoring projects, census data, list collection and voter contact results.