Who's New on Datarade? January Edition

January 25, 2022
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data commerce platform built for data providers. We’re constantly adding new data providers so that you can sample, compare and buy the right data, whatever your industry or use case. Our growing network of data providers is international and covers hundreds of different data categories.

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The Who's New on Datarade? January Edition

Mattermark tracks deep insights of tech companies across the world, so you can make investment decisions or find the right account to sell into.

Biz Direct Asia is a data provider offering Company Data, B2B Contact Data, B2B Email Data, LinkedIn Data, and Business Website Data. They are headquartered in Vietnam.

BizProspex is a data mining company at core, mining data from across the web for B2B intent, decision making and analytics.

CommercePipe produces a range of business and location information sources for use across industries including real estate, logistics, government, retail and more.

regulation technologies transform unmanageable open datasets into meaningful connected networks that give data teams superpowers. They are the only provider of daily updated connected-data for all UK companies x directors.

Specialized analysis and quality-assurance teams work to spot, prioritize, and supply contact data in your goal accounts. Custom data sourcing permits you to bypass old-fashioned and overused databases to find distinctive knowledge issues. They work with your gross sales staff for persona segmentation and outbound personalization.

Established in 1995, Kapitol-Infobel is the first business worldwide to have developed and published an online telephone directory. With a global digital platform, they publish and continually update a database of some 300 million telephone subscribers and 270 million businesses worldwide.

TripleOak provides data solutions to enable the creation of new products and services and empower existing ones.

Financial Modeling Prep provide comprehensive Fundamental Data and Financial Statement API in JSON and CSV format. As well as this, they offer Income Statement, Balance Sheet Statement and Cash Flow Statements of over 25,000+ companies.

Cloud Giant are a cryptocurrency data provider, providing OHLCV, level 2 order books, trades and crypto data solutions for developers, investors, market researchers and hobbyists.

Agrud Technologies is a data provider offering Stock Market Data, Bond Data, Mutual Funds Data, Stock Fundamental Data, and 3 others. They are headquartered in Singapore.

Tradefeeds is a financial service software company that provides real-time and historic company, financial and alternative data of more than 7000 publicly traded companies in the USA.

Fygen is a data provider offering Alternative Data, Economic Data, Real-Time Market Data, Corporate Activism Data, and Manufacturing Company Data. They are headquartered in Germany.

Zero Trafficking is a data company bringing innovative data, analysis, and training solutions to the frontlines of anti-trafficking.

Otto JS’ suite of security solutions for enterprise customers, plugins for small ecommerce and free-for-consumer apps provides excellent services while generating a network effect of continuous crowdsourced threat intelligence.

London Data Unit packages years of work in geospatial data-science and compute optimisation to deliver a really simple dataset that answers a really hard to answer question.

Agnibase is a data provider offering Demographic Data, specifically data on gender, age, household income and more. They are headquartered in United States of America.

Doktar is an agri-tech company that aims to optimize the food ecosystem with intensive use of information and data-driven decisions. For this purpose, they develop digital agricultural solutions for the entire agricultural value chain based on new technologies.

DataClap is a data annotation and Human in the Loop services company providing data annotation and data curation tasks for AI companies.

Caeli is engaged in mapping the atmosphere and the (quantity of) different gases it contains, namely nitrogen dioxide (NO2), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3) and ozone (O3) in a high resolution of 100x100 meters, worldwide.

BlueBot is a data provider offering Marine Data, Metocean Data, and Maritime Data, such as marine imagery of a coral reef in Barbados. They are headquartered in Barbados.

The Warren Group has been collecting, warehousing, and licensing real estate and transaction data since 1872, as well as developing state-of-the-art modules so you can better understand the real estate and mortgage landscape.

TRAK is on a mission to empower companies of all sizes to tap into the most powerful data through their consumer marketing database and on-demand modelling platform.

Analysys Qianfan operates as a mobile app usage tracker across China, capturing activity for 600m+ MAU and 80m+ DAU.

Netlas.io is an internet scanner and a search engine that scans every IPv4 address and every known domain name utilizing such protocols as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SMB/CIFS, SSH, Telnet, SQL and others.

Founded in 1994, AmeriBase is a full-service, integrated marketing agency. Their ability to bring in unique data as the exclusive marketer for several companies separates them from other data providers.

Mirage provides synthetic image data to companies which uses computer vision as a core technology, aiming to remove data barrier and help their customers to iterate faster and cheaper by creating training images with pixel perfect annotations.