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Intellizence Funding Data | Startup Fundraising | Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) Deals Data | API | Startups & Private Companies

by Intellizence
Get data on the latest Startup Fundraising, Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) deals. ... Intellizence discovers Startup Fundraising, Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) deals from various
Available for 2 countries
800 Month
1 years of historical data
90% Relevance
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Yearly License
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Research & Markets: Subscriptions

by Research and Markets
Continuous Updates Subscriptions give you access to continuously updated data as it is released. ... Subscriptions Subscriptions give you access to multiple research reports as well as continuously updated data
Available for 249 countries
6 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request - Exchange Data International profile banner
Exchange Data International
Based in United Kingdom
Exchange Data International
With EDI you get high quality, affordable financial data customized to precisely fit your operational requirements.
Certified - Televisory profile banner
Based in Singapore
Enabling Intelligent Financial Analysis and Decisions for Investors, Lenders, Advisors, Entrepreneurs and Corporations - Research and Markets profile banner
Research and Markets
Based in Ireland
Research and Markets
30,000+ companies rely on Research and Markets for their market research - ISIN2LEI profile banner
Based in Netherlands
ISIN2LEI is a RegTech start-up founded in 2018 by Johan Hol. We went officially live on September 1st, 2018 and provide linked open data on Legal Entity ... - Intellizence profile banner
Based in Canada
Intellizence award-winning AI platform monitors growth & sales, risk & distress signals in companies from various external data sources to deliver timely & r...
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Signal Relevance
Based in USA
Pitchbook is a data provider offering Merger & Acquisition Data, Private Company Data, Private Equity Data, Stock Market Data, and Venture Capital Data. They...

The Ultimate Guide to Private Equity Data 2021

Learn about private equity data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Private Equity Data?

Private equity is capital investment that is advanced into companies that are not publicly traded on the stock exchange market. It is a substitute investment class that is made up of capital that is not listed on a public exchange platform. Private equity is made up of funds and investors that are considered high-net-worth individuals that directly invest in private companies, or that take part in buyouts of public companies, hence leading to the delisting of public equity.

How is Private Equity Data collected?

Because the matters that pertain to private equity data are, as the name suggests, private, the collection of information related to this dataset isn’t always easy! However, with the advancement of technology, researchers and programmers have developed advanced mechanisms for the collection of this data. Programmers have developed software that not only collects private equity data but also have inbuilt portfolio management solutions for this dataset. This software provides a centralized data collection platform that also goes the extra mile of turning the data into actionable formats through portfolio management, investor reporting, valuation and audit, reporting and analytics, and performance benchmarking of private equity markets.

What are the attributes of Private Equity Data?

The core attributes of private equity data highlight the two most critical structures of private equity; venture capital and buyout funds. Venture capital data attribute is a feature of private equity that indicates how investors provide funding to entrepreneurs either in the form of seed financing or early-stage financing. Leveraged buyouts are the most known feature of private equity in which investors buy out a company completely with the sole purpose of bolstering its business and financial wellbeing and reselling it for a profit or conducting an initial public offer.

What are the uses of Private Equity Data?

For investors or companies looking to acquire liquidity without having to worry about the perils that come along with the standard financial mechanisms such as high-interest bank loans or listing on public financial markets, private equity data can help in this case. From this data, companies can get information about the available various forms of private equity such as venture capitals. This data helps investors who would wish to invest and avoid prying public eyes that usually come as a result of trading on the public stock market. This data is important for companies looking to make a quick turnaround in fortunes through the adoption of new mechanisms for capital gains that may lead to reduced losses and an increase in return on investment.

How can users assess the quality of Private Equity Data?

When assessing the quality of private equity data, users are encouraged by financial experts to take into account the aspect of accuracy. This is by far the most critical element of quality when dealing with private equity data. For investors looking to strike deals in private equity, accurate data is important during every stage of a deal. Thus, the accuracy of private equity data will mean that users will not waste a lot of important time trying to hunt down data, create time-intensive workarounds or even waste valuable time attempting to comprehend disconnected facts and figures. Inaccurate data increases the margin of error when processing it and may pose greater risks of financial loss to firms and individuals.

Who are the best Private Equity Data providers?

Finding the right Private Equity Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Private Equity Data providers that you might want to buy Private Equity Data from are Exchange Data International, Televisory, Research and Markets, ISIN2LEI, and Intellizence.

Where can I buy Private Equity Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Private Equity Data products and samples. Popular Private Equity Data products and datasets available on our platform are Televisory’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Data I Global Coverage I Transactions and Funds Data by Televisory, EDI Equity Analytics Global of 60 equity derived data fields by Exchange Data International, and Intellizence Funding Data | Startup Fundraising | Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) Deals Data | API | Startups & Private Companies by Intellizence.

How can I get Private Equity Data?

You can get Private Equity Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Private Equity Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Private Equity Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Private Equity Data?

Private Equity Data is similar to Venture Capital Data and Equity Capital Structure Data. These data categories are commonly used for Deal Sourcing and Fundraising.

What are the most common use cases for Private Equity Data?

The top use cases for Private Equity Data are Deal Sourcing and Fundraising.