Interest, Intent, Life Stage, Behavioral Data (Online Sourced)

An online data pioneer, Datonics has been a leader in providing data to ad networks and DSPs since the birth of the programmatic industry and is today the largest independent data marketplace.

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Programmatic Advertising

Online Advertising

Interest-based Audiences

Audience Targeting

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Web-traffic Data

Ecommerce Data

Shopper Data


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Monthly subscription
200M - 300M records
Suitable for
Enterprises, Mid Market, Small Businesses

Geo Coverage


North America (2)
United States of America


We aggregate keyword interactions from thousands of publishers (shopping sites, product review sites, search comparison engines, forums, vertical content sites, etc) . The data is sourced online and classified at a one to one level. Marketing platforms can use this dataset alone or combine it with our demo, B2B, past purchase and POI dataset to create an end to end targeting library for their media campaigns. Please visit for more information.

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