TruFactor Point of Interest (POI) Visits Data US

TruFactor Daily Visits Data for various stores/outlets across Retail, QSR, Fitness centres, Entertainment and others

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North America (1)
United States of America


This dataset includes the projected count of users at various stores/outlets across the US. The store/outlet locations are licensed by TruFactor. TruFactor derives the number of users from observed counts that have been filtered for exclusion and anonymized to ensure users cannot be re-identified. Projections are extrapolated from US Census data using our proprietary algorithm. For the avoidance of doubt, this dataset does not include user-level data. TruFactor covers almost all the major brands across Retail (Big Box, Grocery, hardware, Pharmacy, and many more), Restaurants (Quick Service, Coffee, etc), Hospitality (Hotels), Entertainment (Cinema halls, etc) and other verticals such as Fitness chains and many more. The data can be provided in a more disaggregated view based on the customer’s requirement.

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